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New information added on July 24, 2008

"U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs Proposes 13,000 acres for Oneida Indian Nation"
- News Brief, PRFA, Spring 2008

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Additional Helpful

Mountain States Legal Foundation
(address & link)

Protect America's Rights & Resources
(Monitors Native American issues effecting access to wildlife and relating to all citizens in Wisconsin)
P. O. Box 27007
Milwaukee, WI 53227-0007

United Property Owners
(Coalition of property owners within reservations)
P. O. Box 3336
Redmond, WA 98073
(206) 660-3085


In-Depth Information

  • William Perry Pendley"The New Wars for the West" - Keynote Address by William Perry Pendley, Esq., President and Chief Legal Officer, Mountain States Legal Foundation, Lakewood, Colorado; Eleventh Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights (PRFA, Albany, N.Y., October 13, 2007)
    Perry Pendley successfully defended John Shuller against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service when, in self-defense, he shot a grizzly bear. He won the case for Larry Squires, who wanted to allow disposal of oil field brine in dry sink holes on his property. Mountain States Legal Foundation is fighting for inholder access to their property blocked by the U.S. Forest Service. Pendley has argued successfully three times before the U.S. Supreme Court on the right of contract regardless of race or ethnicity, against what is called "affirmative action."
  • Carol W. LaGrasse"Akaka Bill Proposes 'Native Hawaiian' Tribe to Split Up Hawaii" - By Carol W. LaGrasse (PRFA, January 18, 2006)
    The Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act (S. 147, H.R. 309) proposed by Senator Daniel K. Akaka would create race-based discord, dividing Hawaii into a multitude of intermingled jurisdictions, with some people living under tribal law and others under the laws of the State of Hawaii. Those choosing to be certified as Native Hawaiians would be eligible to vote on tribal matters and become eligible for benefits. In addition, large tracts of land would come under tribal jurisdiction, and it is feared that casino gambling could be also introduced.
  • "Supreme Court Denies Tax Exemption on Oneidas' Reacquired Homelands" - By Carol W. LaGrasse (PRFA, July 2005)
    In the case City of Sherrill v. Oneida Indian Nation of New York, the U.S. Supreme Court decided on March 29, 2005, that the Oneida Indians will have to abide by the laws of New York State and local government within its reacquired ancestral lands, because it waited too long to repurchase the lands and assert sovereignty over them. The Oneidas will have to pay real estate taxes.

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