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New information added on June 11, 2012

  • Pres. Bush Executive Order for Cooperative Conservation - August 26, 2004
    Pres. George W. Bush directed the Departments of Interior, Agriculture, Defense, and the Environmental Protection Agency to promote cooperative conservative conservation, emphasizing local participation. he directed agencies to take appropriate account of and respect the interests of persons with ownership or other legally recognized interests in land and natural resources. His directive requires an annual report on the implementation of the order by each agency to the President's Council on Environmental Quality. It sets the stage for a White House Conference on Cooperative Conservation in one year.
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  • Update June 4, 2003
    "Bulletin: McGinty Confirmed to Head Pennsylvania DEP"
    In a victory for advocates of stronger central regulation of land use and industry, the State Senate confirmed Governor Rendell's appointment of Clinton environmental bureaucrat Kathleen A. McGinty to head the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection on June 3, with a vote of 41 to 8, all "nay" votes cast by Republicans.
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  • "Biosphere Reserves Do Have Consequences" — Source: U.S. Senate Subcommiteee on Forests and Public Land Management, May 16, 1999
    An environmental group, Help Alert Western Kentucky, Inc., filed a lawsuit against a timber sale in the Land Between the Lakes area owned by TVA, arguing that the Biosphere Reserve Core Area should be undisturbed.
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  • Update: March 1, 2003:
    Vote about whether to Save the Batavia Dam in Illinois Scheduled for April 1
    Citizens are fighting to save the north Batavia dam in Illinois. According to the "Save the Dam" web site, last fall's decision by the City Council of Batavia to remove the Batavia at a cost of $8.6 million was in response to out-of-town political pressure. "This action would make us a national experiment, a 'poster child' for dam removal in the midst of highly urbanized areas," stated Robert F. Barnes, M.D. on web site, A vote will take place on April 1. Contact information.
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Katie McGinty

Katie McGinty
Photo: Peter J. LaGrasse

  • November 2001:
    Bush Administration signs a Memorandum of Understanding with The Nature Conservancy to jointly manage the nation's National Forests
    The U.S. Forest Service and The Nature Conservancy announced a watershed memorandum of understanding (MOU) on November 16 to share the management of the entire National Forest system. The agreement includes inventorying, monitoring, protection and restoration of forest, grassland and aquatic habitat for fish, wildlife and plant resources. According to the official press release, the underlying goals of the memorandum of understanding include preservation of biodiversity and ecosystem management, rather than production of raw materials to feed the nation's economy. Two key MOU directives are to utilize prescribed burns and to combat invasive species. The MOU can be expected to reinforce the previous administration's road closure policy.
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  • National Park Service, Sen. Jeffords Push International Champlain Heritage Corridor
    The National Park Service, Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies have spent over $25 million during the past eight - nine years promoting the significance and protection of Lake Champlain and its watershed. U.S. Senator James M. Jeffords (Dem., Vt.) has resurrected his controversial National Heritage Corridor scheme for the Champlain Valley with a new twist, international designation as the Champlain/Richelieu Valley Heritage Corridor. The sell is pork barrel. At the principle New York meeting, significant land acquisition and potential greenway restrictions were denied. This fall, NPS is holding workshops and hearings in New York, Vermont and Quebec.
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  • "Department of Interior Official Asks to Hear Concerns" - letter from Kit Kimball, Director, Office of External and Intergovernmental Affairs, to PRFA, September 25, 2001
    Kit Kimball, the new appointee by Secretary Gale A. Norton, sent a letter to the Property Rights Foundation of America announcing that her office's responsibilities "include working with advocacy and non-profit organizations actively seeking input in policies and programs as they are discussed and implemented here at the Department of Interior."
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  • July 2001
    Pennsylvania Passes Conservation Easement Legislation

    With little opposition, the Uniform Conservation Easement Act passed the Pennsylvania legislature this summer with the all-important bill's standard provisions intact that cancel historic common law provisions against negative encumbrances, but with a revision to the standard provisions granting third party enforcement powers. A forest industry amendment added early in the summer is designed to restrict third party enforcement powers to parties named in the easement. Last minute wording also adds the purposes of "economic benefit," and "managing the land" to the legislation. Protections for coal rights were incorporated earlier. Pennsylvania landowners and forest industry had learned about the bill from PRFA, which had also posted information on the PRFA web page. 
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