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"National Parks of Alaska - Testimony Before U.S. Congress, House of Representatives, Committee on Government Reform" - By Rick Kenyon of Glennallen, Alaska (presented at the August 14, 2006 Hearing - Committee on Government Reform, Anchorage, Alaska)

For three decades, the National Park Service has run amok, mistreating inholders within the Alaskan National Parks: — forcing almost all the historic placer miners to give up their claims, contrary to ANILCA, denying property owners access to their homes, causing them to lose their property, punishing them for their wilderness way of life, and dragging them into federal court on trumped-up charges. The Service provides its own employees exclusive, luxurious wilderness accommodations.

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Biosphere Reserves and World Heritage Sites

National Park Service - National

Essential Books & Publications
Essential Books
& Publications

"The Alaska Miner"
Journal of the Alaskan Miners Association
Carolyn Stevens, Editor
Reliable source of important information related to mining and private property rights, especially Congressional and Alaskan issues.

Additional Helpful Organizations
Additional Helpful

Alaska Miners Association
Steve Borell, Executive Director

Citizens Advisory Committee an Federal Lands
address & website

Alaska Lands Update
monthly newsletter
address & website

Additional Resources
Additional Resources

Biosphere Reserves in
since 1976
Aleutian Islands
since 1976
Glacier Bay-Admiralty Island
since 1986

Interactive map of Unesco biosphere reserves in the U.S. and the world


Alaskan Miners Association

Alaska State Legislature

Governor of Alaska


State News

  • "A Social License to Operate in Alaska" - Edited by Kelley Hegarty, M.C.P., Kelley Hegarty & Associates, LLC, Alaska Community & Regional Planning Consultants, Posted by permission of the Alaska Miners Association from the 2008 Alaska Miners Association Handbook and Service Directory.
    "No matter how compelling the mineralization, no exploration company will be granted the permits needed to move into the development phase of a large mine project in Alaska without first having earned their social license to operate by neighboring communities." The lessons in this treatise, which grew from international experience, are applicable not solely to mining, but also to commercial and industrial developments in rural, and even urban, communities. Learning the landownership patterns, listening conscientiously to local concerns, and achieving balance are some of the important aspects of the social license to operate.
    More on this topic: Mining — National
  • Susan Allen"The Yukon Cleansing" - Book Review: A Land Gone Lonesome, By Dan O'Neill, Counterpoint, a Member of Perseus Books Group, 2006
    Review by Susan Allen, Reprinted from the New York Property Rights Clearinghouse (Vol. 11, No. 3, Summer 2007, PRFA)
    After the ANILCA settlement divided Alaska's wild country among native, state and federal holdings, the National Park Service controlled vast federal landholdings. The Park Service told the people living on the wild lands that they could go on with their accustomed "subsistence lifestyle" as hunters, trappers, placer miners, and the like, but the agency cut off access and instituted regulations and an insurmountable permit application process, which made it impossible for the people to live in the wilds anymore. Old cabins were burned, only to be rebuilt by the Park Service as historic reconstructions.
    More on this topic: National Park Service

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