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"Mexican Drug Cartels Are Growing Marijuana in U.S. National Parks and Forests," News Brief, PRFA, August 2007

December 15, 2001:
Citizens of Tiny Arizona Town Battle The Nature Conservancy to Keep Water Rights-
A December press release from Randy Heiss on behalf of Unidos Hacemos Fuerza, (address) a grassroots group whose name signifies the strength that comes from unity, describes their struggle against the Nature Conservancy (TNC) to protect the water rights of the residents of the town. The citizens are using a ballot referendum to try to stop TNC from grabbing rights to more water flow than is regularly available from the Sonoita Creek. TNC claims its stream flow data are more accurate than that of the USGS. TNC wants to use the water to preserve the endangered Gila topminnow, according to Mr. Heiss.
Press Release-Unidos Hacemos Fuerza

Additional Resources
Additional Resources

Biosphere Reserves in Arizona:
Organ Pipe Cactus
Beaver Creek
since 1976
since 1976

Interactive map of Unesco biosphere reserves in the U.S. and the world

Chuck Diaz, President
The Speak Up America newspaper, so much appreciated by the property rights movement, is now the Speak Up America web site, both in English and Spanish.
For the first time or place, anyone in a Spanish-speaking country will be able to read articles by Mona Charen, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell and Chuck Diaz.

Chilton Ranch, Arivaca, Arizona
The Chilton website focuses on their successsful lawsuit against the Center for Biodiversity.

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State News

  • Peyton Knight"National & International Land Use Planning" - Peyton Knight, Director of Environmental & Regulatory Affairs, The National Center for Public Policy Research, Washington, D.C., Eleventh Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights (PRFA, Albany, N.Y., October 13, 2007)
    A National Heritage Area facilitates national land use planning as a preservation-driven congressional pork-barrel designation created in conjunction with the National Park Service and private interest groups to influence decisions over local land use to preserve natural, historical, cultural, educational, scenic, and recreational resources. UNESCO World Heritage Site designations are an international tool to push land use restrictions on the sites and land surrounding them.
    More on this topic: National Park Service
  • Carol W. LaGrasse"New Wave of UNESCO World Heritage Sites Proposed" - By Carol W. LaGrasse (PRFA Position Brief, June 2007)
    This spring, the National Park Service announced that 36 locations in the United States have been proposed for UNESCO World Heritage Sites, adding to the twenty that already are designated in this country. Such international recognition potentially threatens private property rights because preservationists could exploit the designation to stop the use of land in the region just beyond a site's borders.
    More on this topic: Biosphere Reserves & World Heritage Sites
  • Jack Herzberg"Adverse Possession and Open Range" - by Jack Herzberg (Property Rights Foundation of America, September 2004)
    James and Carla Davis intend to use their range land in Pinal County, Arizona, to enjoy their retirement and develop an old west town. Instead, they find themselves in court defending against the claim of Joe and Carmen Auza, who assert adverse possession in the spurious basis that they've been grazing animals on the Davis's property.
    More on this topic: Adverse Possession
  • Tom Rawles"Western States Directions to Regain Land-Use Sovereignty" - By Tom Rawles, Chairman, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Phoenix, Arizona, Reprinted from Proceedings of the First Annual New
    York Conference on Private Property Rights (Property Rights Foundation of America, 1995)
    The federal and state governments, and Indian tribes own 87 % of the land in Arizona. State sovereignty under the Tenth Amendment should be implemented. Protections for property rights to implement the Nollan and Dolan decisions, to provide "Takings" compensation, and to do "Takings" assessments of legislation should be passed in each state.
    More on this topic: Private Property Rights — National
  • "The Arizona Property Rights Referendum" - Presented by Tom Rawles, Chairman, Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Phoenix, Arizona, Reprinted from Proceedings of the First Annual New York Conference on Private Property Rights (Property Rights Foundation of America, 1995)
    "Takings" implications of proposed governmental actions shall be assessed by the office of the Attorney General and permit requirements shall minimize restrictions on private property.
    More on this topic: Private Property Rights — National

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