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New information added September 16, 2007

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Northern Forest Lands

National Park Service - National


Maine Property Rights
Authoritive web site on property rights issues in rural Maine.
Erich Veyhl, editor

Maine Leaseholders Association
Protecting the land and the use of the land for future generations, whether it be snowblowing, hunting fishing, camping, for enjoyment by retirees, or whatever it might be.
Stu Kallgren, President
P.O. Box 142
Millinocket, ME 04462
(207) 723-4476

Maine State Legislature

Maine State House of Representatives

Maine State Senate


State News

  • Carol W. LaGrasse"New Wave of UNESCO World Heritage Sites Proposed" - By Carol W. LaGrasse (PRFA Position Brief, June 2007)
    This spring, the National Park Service announced that 36 locations in the United States have been proposed for UNESCO World Heritage Sites, adding to the twenty that already are designated in this country. Such international recognition potentially threatens private property rights because preservationists could exploit the designation to stop the use of land in the region just beyond a site's borders.
    More on this topic: Biosphere Reserves & World Heritage Sites
  • Adirondack Organizations
    This directory of Adirondack organizations and government agencies contains material selected to be helpful in knowing the current, and perhaps future, areas of action of organizations with interests related to land issues in the Adirondacks and their true positions.
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    More on this topic: Environmental Groups — Nat'l
  • "Willing Seller Willing Buyer - Park Service Version" - by Bo W. Thott, 1993. (Unique survey of sellers, reprinted by permission of Bo W. Thott, Washington County Alliance, Cutler, Maine)
    Private landowners ostensibly selling to the National Park Service are not bona fide sellers but are giving up title to escape the legal expenses of a foredoomed battle against condemnation.
    More on this topic: Eminent Domain — National

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