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New information added on September 16, 2007

Additional Helpful Organizations
Additional Helpful

Citizens Against Repressive Zoning

Jack Down, Ph.D.
(One of the most helpful anti-zoning organizations in the country)

Additional Resources
Additional Resources

Michigan Model Conservation Easement (March 2003)
This model document, which was provided by Rachel Thomas as a form used by the State of Michigan, contains typical clauses demonstrating the danger of conservation easements.

Biosphere Reserves in
University of Michigan Biological Station
Isle Royale
since 1980

Interactive map of Unesco biosphere reserves in the U.S. and the world


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State News

  • Carol W. LaGrasse"New Wave of UNESCO World Heritage Sites Proposed" - By Carol W. LaGrasse (PRFA Position Brief, June 2007)
    This spring, the National Park Service announced that 36 locations in the United States have been proposed for UNESCO World Heritage Sites, adding to the twenty that already are designated in this country. Such international recognition potentially threatens private property rights because preservationists could exploit the designation to stop the use of land in the region just beyond a site's borders.
    More on this topic: Biosphere Reserves & World Heritage Sites
  • Jack DownDeath by Zoning - by Jack Down, President of Citizens Against Repressive Zoning (C.A.R.Z.) (February 4, 2002)
    Jack Down's moving summary of the roster
    of people killed in recent years because of zoning enforcement.
    Jump to Michigan story.
    More on this topic: Zoning & Building Codes—Nat'l

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