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New information added on November 25, 2019

"Oil and Gas Producers in Allegheny National Forest Win Preliminary Injunction" - Reprinted from New York Property Rights Clearinghouse, Vol. 14, No. 1 (PRFA, Winter 2010)

"Mountain States Legal Foundation Goes Public That it is the Legal Entity Suing on Behalf of Pennsylvania Oil and Gar Producers" - News Brief, PRFA, Summer 2009

Update June 4, 2003
"Bulletin: McGinty Confirmed to Head Pennsylvania DEP"
In a victory for advocates of stronger central regulation of land use and industry, the State Senate confirmed Governor Rendell's appointment of Clinton environmental bureaucrat Kathleen A. McGinty to head the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection on June 3, with a vote of 41 to 8, all "nay" votes cast by Republicans.

Pennsylvania - Urgent Action Alert!
Oppose the Appointment of Katie McGinty as Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection (PRFA, Jan. 31, 2003)
More on this topic: Government Land Ownership and Control — National

July 2001
Pennsylvania Passes Conservation Easement Legislation

With little opposition, the Uniform Conservation Easement Act passed the Pennsylvania legislature this summer with the all-important bill's standard provisions intact that cancel historic common law provisions against negative encumbrances, but with a revision to the standard provisions granting third party enforcement powers. A forest industry amendment added early in the summer is designed to restrict third party enforcement powers to parties named in the easement. Last minute wording also adds the purposes of "economic benefit," and "managing the land" to the legislation. Protections for coal rights were incorporated earlier. Pennsylvania landowners and forest industry had learned about the bill from PRFA, which had also posted information on the PRFA web page.

Update - June 2001:
"Conservation Easement Bill in Pennsylvania Legislature-H.R. 975 Would Cancel Protections for Private Property, Allow Third Parties to Enforce Conservation Easements" - Carol W. LaGrasse (PRFA, June 2001)

February 2001:
"Montgomery, Pennsylvania, Plans to Condemn Property for a Trail after it Loses Lawsuit Against Owners"

Additional Resources
Additional Resources

Pennsylvania Independent Petroleum Producers (PIPP)

Additional Helpful Organizations
Additional Helpful

Keith Klingler, President
Pennsylvania Landowners Association
Manager of exclusively his own forest holdings, inclusing oil, gas, mineral, syrup production, and timber.
Official member of Pennsylvania DEP Sewage Advisory Council

Institute for Justice
(a non-profit legal foundation that defends freedom, is representing property owners in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and other areas where cities are using eminent domain to take property from small businesses and homeowners to transfer it to their private businesses, such as hotels and upscale stores.)

Pennsylvania Landowners' Association
Keith Klingler, President
Advocate for landowners; publishes excellent newsletter, "Pennsylvania Landowner."


Pennsylvania Landowners Association

Pennsylvania State
General Assembly

Pennsylvania Electronic Bill Room


State News

  • Carol W. LaGrasse"Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Producers Plan to Sue U.S. Forest Service" - By Carol W. LaGrasse, Reprinted from New York Property Rights Clearinghouse, Vol. 13, No. 2 (PRFA, Spring 2009)
    Oil and gas producers in the Allegheny National Forest are bringing a federal lawsuit against the U.S. Forest Service because the agency issued obstructive new regulations after settling a lawsuit brought by environmental groups to impose NEPA on the use of the privately held mineral rights This obstruction of the exercise of mineral rights of oil and gas producers, which operated long before the National Forest was created, is part of wider policy change. Although the original purpose of the National Forest was timber production, the harvests and the revenue for local towns have recently been drastically cut back.
    More on this topic: Energy Production & Distribution Obstruction—National
  • "New Wave of UNESCO World Heritage Sites Proposed" - By Carol W. LaGrasse (PRFA Position Brief, June 2007)
    This spring, the National Park Service announced that 36 locations in the United States have been proposed for UNESCO World Heritage Sites, adding to the twenty that already are designated in this country. Such international recognition potentially threatens private property rights because preservationists could exploit the designation to stop the use of land in the region just beyond a site's borders.
    More on this topic: Biosphere Reserves & World Heritage Sites

Katie McGinty

Katie McGinty
Photo: Peter J. LaGrasse

Maggie and Andy Rakiecki

Maggie and Andy Rakiecki
  • "Perkiomen Trail Poses a Threat to Private Property Owners"-by Carol W. LaGrasse, The Mercury, Pottstown, Pennsylvania, June 10, 2001
    After losing a court battle where it claimed to have acquired title to an old railroad right-of way, Montgomery County, which is northwest of Philadelphia, has begun condemning the property for a trail. The course of the trail, which is named after the nearby Perkiomen Creek, follows the old rail bed as well as some of extensive parkland along the creek. This Opinion piece explains that Perkiomen Trail poses a threat to private property owners in two important respects: the construction of the trail route itself and the broader long-term acquisition plans to gobble up the private land along the creek and join the waterfront to the rail bed in a greenway.
    More on this topic: Rails to Trails — National
  • Victoria Pozsgai-Khoury"Testimony of Victoria Pozsgai-Khoury Before The House Committee on Government Reform, October 6, 2000"
    In response to Rep. Burton's invitation to describe the their "family's experience dealing with the Army Corps of Engineers and the EPA in order to comply with the federal government's wetlands policy," Mr. Pozsgai's two daughters, Victoria Khoury and Gloria Heater, spoke eloquently of the federal government's injustice that has trapped John Pozsgai for approximately fifteen years. Victoria Khoury's testimony about her father's flight to the United States during the 1956 Hungarian revolution and how he worked forty years to build a life for his family in freedom was heart-rending.

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