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New information added August 28, 2005


South Carolina State Legislature

Additional Resources
Additional Resources

Biosphere Reserves in
South Carolina:
South Atlantic Coastal Plain
Carolina-South Atlantic
since 1986
Aleutian Islands
since 1976
Southern Appalachian
since 1988

Interactive map of Unesco biosphere reserves in the U.S. and the world

"Everybody who's a homeowner is a landowner"
South Carolina Land Owners Association


State News

  • Mark Nix"Landowners United to Defend Private Property Rights" By Mark Nix, Executive Director, South Carolina Landowners Association, Columbia, South Carolina; Speech to the Eighth Annual Conference on Private Property Rights (PRFA, Albany, N.Y. October 23, 2004)
    This speech includes good advice for all property rights groups, including: Form alliances with homeowners associations, churches, and other groups to defend property rights. Frame the issues to be understood. Warn people that government is "taking away your property's value," instead of about "zoning." Get the news out to your members at least once a month.
    More on this topic: Citizen's Strategies for Defending Private Property Rights
  • "Smart Growth Shows Its Ugly Side" Kay McClanahan, Eastover, South Carolina, December 2003 (Reprinted by permission of author)
    South Carolina landowners face off against Richland County's "Town and Country Land Use Plan" and the National Park Service's expansion of Congaree Swamp National Monument to a National Park. Many Black farmers are descendants of freed slaves who purchased their land after the Civil War.
    More on this topic: Smart Growth

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