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New information added on November 13, 2007

News Brief
"Local Historic District Abolished in Monterey, Virginia" - By Leo M. Schwartz (Virginia Land Rights Coalition, January 15, 2003)
After a successful political battle led by property rights activists, the Monterey Town Council voted on December 19, 2002 to abolish the town's historic district, one of 200 local districts in Virginia. The spokesman for the Virginia Department of Historic Resources in Richmond, commented, "Our
department is not aware of any other local government in Virginia that has dissolved its historic district.

Additional Helpful Organizations
Additional Helpful

Attention Virginia Residents—June 2001:
The Virginia Land Rights Coalition has just published an attention-grabbing little booklet to help fight conservation easements. It is entitled "Return of the Dead Hand" and is available upon request.
(A small donation to cover postage and handling is appreciated.)

Additional Resources
Additional Resources

Biosphere Reserves in Virginia:
Virginia Coast
Southern Appalachian
since 1988

Interactive map of Unesco biosphere reserves in the U.S. and the world


The Virginia Land Rights Coalition
"Working to Protect the Rights of Virginia's Property Owners"

Virginia State General Assembly


State News

  • "New Wave of UNESCO World Heritage Sites Proposed" - By Carol W. LaGrasse (PRFA Position Brief, June 2007)
    This spring, the National Park Service announced that 36 locations in the United States have been proposed for UNESCO World Heritage Sites, adding to the twenty that already are designated in this country. Such international recognition potentially threatens private property rights because preservationists could exploit the designation to stop the use of land in the region just beyond a site's borders.
    More on this topic: Biosphere Reserves & World Heritage Sites
  • Peter Blackman"Property Law Today—The New Feudalism" -By Peter Blackman, Author and Attorney, Louisa, Virginia, Speech to the Ninth Annual National Conference on Private Property Rights (PRFA, Albany, N.Y., October 22, 2005)
    Mr. Blackman discusses the disastrous ramifications of the disregard of property rights in American law today. He points out that we "have a burden of proof, but one that we can ably meet, to show that not only are property rights consistent with these other human rights, but that property rights are critical to them."
    More on this topic: Historic Preservation—National
  • "State Legislation to Protect Private Property Owners" - By W. Christopher Doss, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, Reprinted from Proceedings of the First Annual Conference on
    Private Property Rights
    (PRFA, 1995)
    Large corporations and developers are delighted with regulation, because that helps cut down on competition. Chris Doss's important ideas include the first mention of "informed consent for conservation easements" and "mandated review property taxes" after regulation decreases property value.
    More on this topic: Private Property Rights — National

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