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May 24, 2002
The Press
Ellenville, New York

To the Editor:

It's been difficult for me to realize that the most basic principle of high school business law is lacking in the cognizance of everyone who's contributed an opinion in print recently about the Medoc Tribe's viability to conduct business after it was discovered its leader may have committed felonies. (See last two issues of Ellenville's The Press as well as the Times Herald Record.) This includes at least three Ulster County Legislators!

The principle of corporate law that has allowed the success Western civilization has had is that the continuance — the life, viability, functioning, and presence — of a corporation, a nation, a tribe, a club, a group of people of any kind, is not dependent upon the life, viability, or presence of a single person.

Rules, regulations, laws of succession, and ritual tradition take over to replace any leader who goes beyond clearly defined boundaries.

Just because Chief Golden Eagle aka Ron Roberts may have done something seriously wrong has no effect whatsoever on the future viability of the Medoc Tribe of the Western Mohegans. Civilization has laws and rules governing replacement of bad leaders — viz Richard Nixon — so they cannot drag the rest of us down along with them with their defective morals and ethics, and criminal business practices.

That our leaders who bother to communicate with our society at large in the media in the public domain do not know this bare bones fact seminal to our existence is bad, very bad. They should be limited in the exercise of the power they have until they take a high-school-level GED business-law course or a college-level corporate law refresher course (like a defensive driving class) so such embarrassingly non sequitur conclusions evidenced in our newspapers won't be made to mislead democratically amassed voter power.

Paul T. Johnson

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