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November 8, 2002
The Press
Ellenville, New York

To the Editor:

I am tired of getting lip service from the village employees being paid to do a job they do not do. For over a year now we've been promised an installment plan to allow monthly payments of back taxes owed, like every other tax assessing instrument (towns, counties, states) collecting such high taxes.

After being fed with rote promises over such a long period of time (list of names, dates, and what was stated available on request), I have lately been led to believe they may never have had any intention of making good in the first place, even though some of the promises I heard were in the public forum of village board meetings.

But, such being the case (their promises witnessed by others) makes the promises a mandate, I believe, whose issuance that a coalition of like minded taxpayers could force, if the consciences of the village employees don't kick in first to actually actuate an Installment Plan Contract. The work entailed is minimal; all that is needed for them to make good on their word: it's called exhibiting integrity.

Today (November 1, 2002) I was told by tax collector that a reason for delay was changeover of village attorneys; while the new attorney told me he "has nothing to do with it" (the conversation was recorded), that the "tax collector had the contract," the implication being it's all in one person's lap who obviously needs help she is not getting.

My suggestion is, before taxes are raised (50% of village residents have extreme difficulty paying our relatively higher than any other surrounding area's taxes) to build a new 8 million dollar village hall for the local self-serving rich people to be able to feast their eyes on, noblesse oblige must kick in first and the movers and shakers take care of one of their other moral and ethical obligations first.

Bring about the back taxes installment payment plan we've been given lip service about for over a year now, well before the end of this '02 village tax year.

Paul T. Johnson

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