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July 11, 2003
The Press
Ellenville, New York

To the Editor:

I have noted with interest The Press's coverage of local politicos walking Warren Street probably with the same purpose that the identification and publication of poorer "blight" properties addresses — to shame owners who do not have enough discretionary (extra) money cosmetically beautify their property enough to suit the fastidious (excessively critical and demanding and requiring excessive care or delicacy) higher-income fussbudgets (needlessly faultfinding persons) within our community.

My point is that the village's administrators are too attentive to relatively inconsequential (superficial) external situations while much more serious internal problems are not even addressed, some of which may, upon deeper and honest reflection, verge on abuse of public trust and lack of probity (integrity and uprightness).

It is sad to say the main part of the thrust of our local leaders' efforts are we the citizens are made aware of via available media is to judge a book (Ellenville) by its cover, only to improve the superficial (the apparent rather than the real) problems, so called, not the inside endemic much more serious ones.

It is said that paying overly excessive and undue attention to superficial, obvious, cosmetic and external details may be a symptom or sign of inner corruption and an attempt to cover up guilt resulting from dishonest practices.

While it would be nice for Ellenville to look like a community whose median income is more than six figures, it is not, and no abusive intimidation of the poorer property owners by misguided administrators can make it so.

Rather let's discover and rout out inside dirt — more than likely possibly carryovers from previous administrations rigidized practices — rather than going out to buy more paint.

Note should be made also of the evasiveness exhibited by village board meetings' chairperson when participants raise certain (awkward) problems. There is an unwillingness to allow discussion. The audience's participant who raises a criticism that chairperson, far whatever reason, does not wish to allow discussed in open forum, is cut off and evasively passed by forcibly by the chairperson who goes on to the next raised hand or subject. It is so blatant it's vulgar and low class.

While our elected and hired administrators tendentiously emphasize the superficial, deeper problems and solutions can be accessed at Property Rights Foundation of America's website

Paul T. Johnson
Ellenville and NYC

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