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August 9, 2002
The Press
Ellenville, New York

To the Editor:

I had a very odd, inappropriate, off-the-wall, obviously ad hominem (motivated by the judge's personally felt prejudice against me rather than his capacity to be reasonable and objectively judicious) money judgment handed down against me out of the Ellenville Village court last Tuesday, 30 July, from an interim judge who awarded the return of security to tenants who:

1. left their 30-day, month-to-month tenancy overnight, having given only two days notice. [Without a minimum of thirty days notice, landlord has not time to find a replacement tenant without losing at least a month's rent (~ 10% of a year's income!).] Thirty days notice in writing is required of a tenant not to lose security's being applied to the month's rent after they leave, for the obvious reason.

2. left behind over 6 cubic yards (measured by the chaps at the Town of Wawarsing Transfer Station) of furniture, clothing, personal paraphernalia, and detritus that cost landlord $75 labor and $105 landfill fees.

3. left behind dog-urine-soaked rugs and wood floors, holes in walls, grime, etc. that took the landlord three weeks and about $700 labor and materials to get clean enough to just show to prospective tenants.

Landlord's money damages incurred amounted to somewhere between $900 & $1K not counting the lost month's rent owing to no adequate 30-day notice having been given. (We actually lost two month's rent because it took five weeks for total cleanup).

If anyone else has gotten beaten down unwarrantedly by this court or treated in an inappropriate abusive way, or bullied, or belittled if only seemingly in a prejudicial way and has not either the wherewithal or stamina or knowhow [or, in my case the judge said I would not be allowed to appeal (crazy, eh?)], I've resorted to writing or phoning:

Mrs. Rosalin Becton, NYS Com'n on Judicial Conduct, 38-40 State St., Albany, NY 12207, Tel: (518) 474-5614, Fax: 486-1850 to assuage the lingering feelings of having been psychically raped by this or any other unprofessionally and insensitively administered court system.

Paul T. Johnson
Ellenville & NYC

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