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The Adirondack Citizens Council is a newly formed organization dedicated to the responsible use of our natural resources, both Forest Preserve and private. Living in the Adirondacks, we appreciate how important it is to have a balance between economic activity and conserving our natural resources. We are caretakers of generations of tradition.

Citizens are very concerned about our culture, our heritage, and our recreational rights, now and in the future. Regulations and land classifications have a direct effect on the quality of life for local communities and the economic stability of our county and our state. We support multiple use by all groups and feel we can co-exist with mutual respect for each other's recreational activities.

We would like a greater voice in legislation and policy making for the future of the Adirondacks.

A public forum will be held at Colton-Pierrepont Central School, Colton, NY, April 24, 2003 at 7:30 PM.

Who should be interested?

  • Hunters - Do you want to be able to hunt and maintain clubs?
  • Fishermen - Do you want access to lakes, streams and rivers?
  • Snowmobilers - Do you want to keep your trail system?
  • ATV'ers - Do you still want a place to ride?
  • Logging Industries - What will happen to your livelihood?
  • Local Government - Do you want to lose your tax base?
  • Businesses - Would you lose business without the above?
  • All Citizens - Are you concerned about our legacy to future generations?

There is strength in numbers. Your support matters. Please come, bring a friend, and let your voices be heard!

Adirondack Citizens Council


P.O. Box 421, Hannawa Falls, NY 13647
Phone-Fax 315-265-0898

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