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Dear Ms. LaGrasse:

My name is Kit Kimball, and I have recently been appointed by Secretary Gale A. Norton to serve as Director of the Office of External and Intergovernmental Affairs. As you may know, Secretary Norton has pledged to lead the Department of the Interior based on the principles of what she calls the Four C's: Consultation, Cooperation, Communication; all in the service of Conservation. These Four C's guide my office on how we approach our responsibilities.

The Department of the Interior consists of the Bureau of Land Management, the Minerals Management Service, the Office of Surface Mining, U.S. Geological Survey, the Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Park Service, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. As you can see, these vast responsibilities stretch all across the nation and effect the daily lives of many Americans. However, the majority of the Department of the Interior's land management responsibilities are located in the West. For this reason, my office will be based in Denver, with the majority of my staff in Washington D.C.

The responsibilities of our office include working with state and local governments, other federal agencies, and advocacy and non-profit organizations actively seeking input in policies and programs as they are discussed and implemented here at the Department of the Interior. Therefore, please consider our office as your central contact at the Department of the Interior. In addition, we would appreciate being added to your mailing list. If you would like to receive regular updates from our office, please send your e-mail address to:

We look forward to hearing from you, learning your concerns, and working together for the conservation of our natural resources.



Kit Kimball signature

Kit Kimball
Director, Office of External and
Intergovernmental Affairs

Office of External and
Intergovernamental Affairs:

Doug Domenech, Deputy Director
Eric Schmutz, Special Assistant
Kobbie Wilbur, Special Assistant
1849 C Street, N.W.
Room 6214
Washington. DC 20240


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