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Illinois Department of Transportation
2300 South Dirksen Parkway / Springfield, Illinois / 62764

December 4, 2002

Mr. Don Little
Jersey County Board
307 Belvedere
Brighton, IL 62012

Dear Mr. Little:

Thank you for your telephone call on Wednesday, November 27, 2002 requesting information on the de-designation of portions of the Meeting of the Great Rivers Scenic Byway in Jersey County. On September 27, 2002. the Federal Highway Administration approved the de-designation of the byway in Jersey County for Illinois 100 from the Greene County line south to the northern boundary of Pere Marquette State Park, including that part of Illinois 100 adjacent to the Legate property on the south side of Pere Marquette State Park (see enclosed letter).

On August 2, 2002, the Federal Highway Administration also de-designated all of rural Greene County from the byway, which included Eldred Road and Illinois 108 from the village of Eldred to the KampsviIle Ferry Landing. The Villages of Eldred and Kampsville were not de-designated at that time because neither village had requested de-designation. Since both of these villages would be disconnected from the byway with the Greene County de-designation and portions of the Jersey County de-designation; their de-designation seemed imminent. However, FHWA deferred their de-designation to allow the villages an opportunity to provide alternatives to de-designation.

Neither the Village of Eldred nor the Village of Kampsville has recommended alternatives to the department or to FHWA. In a November 12, 2002 letter, the FHWA de-designated the Villages of Eldred in Greene County and Kampsville in Calhoun County because they had been disconnected from the remainder of the byway. Since no solutions were offered by either village, the de-designation is final (see enclosed letter). As a result, the Meeting of the Great Rivers Scenic Byway begins at Pere Marquette State Park (excluding the Legate property), follows Illinois 100 through Grafton and Elsah, changes to Illinois 143 through Alton, and follows Route 3 through Wood River ending at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center in Hartford, IL.

Pam Murphy will be retiring at year's end. If you have further questions on byway issues, please contact Ms. Kathy McNeill at (217) 785-8695.


Keith M. Sherman
Chief, Planning and Systems Section


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