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April 28, 2013

Dear Editor:

It is too easy to dismiss the arguments of the tea party members as simplistic fear of one-world socialist government orchestrated through the United Nations, as some opponents to Washington County tea party resolutions seem to think (Post-Star April 23).

The laundry list of liberal visions in the UN Agenda 21 document promoted by ICLEI (based in Oakland, California and headquartered in Bonne, Germany) for its sustainable communities project that arouses the citizen group's ire includes extreme rural land use controls with concentrated population centers. When it was published in 1993, much of Agenda 21 was already old hat. In fact, two decades earlier the vast Adirondack region became the merciless original experiment in top-down regional planning in the United States.

The UN Champlain-Adirondack Biosphere Reserve, designated in 1989 by UNESCO in accord with a secret APA-authored application by Gov. Mario Cuomo (jointly with Vermont), calls for a vast core area of all the state-owned land with no human influences. The APA, DEC, and environmental organizations are bulldozing ahead toward this goal. Few children remain in the central Adirondacks. Local schools are closing. Deliberate depopulation and cultural genocide are succeeding.

The US Department of State declared several years ago that great progress is being made in the implementation of the Biosphere Reserve through various regional entities.

Local government should refuse to be a tool of internationalist environmental groups, tying the future of their communities to a bit of state cash and high-sounding planning. Don't fall for a slick program under ICLEI. The environmental juggernaut is incredibly complicated. The dismay of finding another multi-million dollar tentacle grasping at our rights and future keeps recurring.

Carol W. LaGrasse
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