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Call for Abolition of the APA

Letters to the Editor
Post-Star, Glens Falls, N.Y.

Published May 13, 2012

Dear Editor:

Don Sage is right on the money calling for the abolition of the APA (Post-Star Apr. 28). It was founded by New York power elites bent on "saving" the Adirondacks for themselves and is run with malevolence toward the local people. They are succeeding with forcing the people out. But not just the people: Since it suits their goals, the so-called environmentalists at the APA and DEC have succeeded in wiping out much of the biodiversity and decimating the deer population - thus hurting rifle-toting hunting guys, whom they especially despise.

The anti-human attitude did not dominate DEC's predecessor ninety years ago. The New York State Conservation Commission reported to the Legislature in 1924 with numerous photos illustrating its achievements opening the forest preserve to the people's enjoyment. A typical example shows a family camping with their automobile parked beside them, laundry hanging from tree to tree, with simple canopies and tables, at a big, open primitive campsite referred to as "A vacation home in the forest preserve." The Conservation Commission wrote of the urgency of keeping up with the public demand for additional campsites. It described plans to provide more fireplaces, locate springs for good drinking water, and enlarge campsite areas enough to allocate fireplaces.

Compare this with the Warrensburg/Lake Luzerne campsites on the Hudson River, where DEC recently closed around 100 beautiful, easily accessible camping areas, reporting to the APA with satisfaction that there are no more maintenance problems. Not one APA commissioner asked about the effect on the people who formerly enjoyed these campsites. In the 90-year-old Commission report, the officials spoke with pride of repairing fireplaces, keeping brush cleared, keeping signs in good condition, and apprehending and fining a person who left a campsite filthy.

Carol W. LaGrasse
Property Rights Foundation of America

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