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To: The Honorable Robert C. Jubelirer
cc: Senators Jake Corman, Mary Jo White, Michael L. Waugh
bcc: Undisclosed
From: Fred Grau, State College, PA

Dear Senator Jubelirer:

Word has filtered back to the true grassroots that Republican intentions are to let the Kathleen McGinty confirmation go without a vote, thus allowing her to become Secretary of DEP by default. None of us know if this is true nor do we know all the political intricacies for this possibility.

What we do know are Ms. McGinty's past deeds and that she expressed no misgivings about them during the hearings conducted by Senator White. Unlike the citizens of Utah and the Pacific Northwest, we in Pennsylvania will not be able to claim that we were blindsided by an unknown administrator. This self-described "Philly Chick" is indeed well known to those of us who are alarmed about what is in store for rural and small-town Pennsylvania.

It might very well be that her appointment is a fait accompli. Three Republican Senators from the Southeast are on record as being in favor of her appointment. There must be at least a few others, given the 29-21 majority that Republicans hold.

I (we) respectfully request that the McGinty confirmation be put to a recorded vote. A silent reverse pocket veto serves no purpose to the citizens and communities who will be impacted by a McGinty-directed DEP.

Historians will need to know who was responsible.

Thank You,

Fred V. Grau, Jr.
State College, PA


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