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U.S. Department
of Transportation

Illinois Division

 3250 Executive Park Drive
Springfield, Illinois 62703

Federal Highway

November 12, 2002



Ms. Linda M. Wheeler, Director
Office of Planning & Programming
Illinois Department of Transportation
2300 South Dirksen Parkway
Springfield, Illinois 62764

Attention: Mr. Keith Sherman, Chief
Planning and Systems Section

Dear Ms. Wheeler:

Subject: Meeting of the Great Rivers Scenic Byway (MGRSB) and the
De-designation Request from Green County

This is a follow up to our letter of August 2, 2002 approving your request of July 24, 2002 to de-designate the following segments of the MGRSB: (1) the Eldred Road from the Jersey/Green County line to the southern limits of the village of Eldred, and (2) Illinois 108 from the northwestern limits of the village of Eldred to the Kampsville Ferry landing at the Illinois River in Green County.

As a result of our August 2, 2002 de-designation, the Villages of Eldred in Green County and Kampsville in Calhoun County were disconnected and isolated from the remainder of the MGRSB. Accordingly, we made the preliminary decision to also de-designate Eldred and Kampsville; however, we deferred our final decision on this matter pending an opportunity for your office to submit possible solutions to this dilemma. Since no solutions have been offered, our decision to also de-designate Eldred and Kampsville is now final. The MGRSB north of the Jersey/Green County line is now completely de-designated.


Don R. Keith
Division Right of Way Manager

For: Norman R. Stoner, P.E.
Division Administrator

cc: Mr. Richard Hunter, Chief, Bureau of Land Acquisition

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