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Compelling the Land Trust to
Reveal Its Plans for Your Property

PRFA's "Informed Consent" checklist is designed to help the private property owner and his legal counsel to level the playing field in dealing with the slick experts who negotiate for the land trusts.
Aggressive land trusts prey upon the elderly, executors of estates, heirs, individuals under real estate tax pressure, and owners of rural land who face all types of expenses as well as government pressure.
After a transaction where property is conveyed to a land trust, property owners may be surprised to see their generously donated, pristine land conveyed to government or to a developer, or even developed by the land trust itself. Or, strapped to pay taxes, a property owner may sell at a low price and the government will afterwards buy the land from the land trust at a significantly higher price, often prearranged before the property owner made the sale to the land trust.
PRFA designed this educational "Informed Consent" checklist to help property owners get a handle on the intentions of land trusts. In dealing with conservation easements, it makes reference to reverter clauses such as those included in railroad deeds 100 to 150 years ago which are now allowing easements and fee simple land no longer used for stipulated railroad purposes to revert to the original owner, or grantor, or his successors in title.

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