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Mileage of Long Trails Under Jurisdiction of National Park Service
Land Adjacent to Each Trail to Ultimately be Government-Owned
(80 - 90% National Park Service)

from Positions on Property, Vol. 1, No. 3, Oct. 1994

 1.  Appalachian National Scenic Trail
    Maine to Georgia 2,144 miles
 2.  California National Historic Trail
  System of trails Missouri to California & Oregon  5,600  
 3.  Ice Age National Scenic Trail
    Wisconsin - links six units Ice Age Reserve  1,000  
 4. Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail
     California  1,200  
 5. Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail
     Mississippi River, Illinois, to Columbia River, Oregon  3,700  
 6. Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail
     Illinois to Utah  1,300  
 7. Natchez National Scenic Trail
     Mississippi and Tennessee  110  
 8. North Country National Scenic Trail
     Crown Point, NY, to Lake Sakakawea, ND  3,200  
 9.  Oregon National Historic Trail
     Missouri to Oregon  2,170  
 10.  Overmountain Victory National Historic Trail
     Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina  300  
 11.  Pony Express National Historic Trail
     Missouri to California  1,800  
 12.  Potomac Heritage National Scenic Trail
     Tidewater Potomac to Laurel Highlands, Pennsylvania  700  
 13.  Santa Fe National Historic Trail
     Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New Mexico  1,203  
 14. Trail of Tears National Historic Trail
     2 land and water routes North Carolina, Tennessee,
Georgia and Alabama to Oklahoma and Arkansas
  Grand total  26,627  miles

In addition to long-distance trails under NPS, are a few long-distance trails under the Forest Service, plus 800 other trails, totalling 9,000 miles, the majority on federal lands, with the remainder on State and privately owned land.

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