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compiled by Carol W. LaGrasse, from Positions on Property Vol. 1 No. 3

One Example:
National Park Service Vision
The Heart of Long-Term Preservationist Goals

New York State "New Areas" recommended in 1982
National Park Service Greenline Study(1)

1994 Disposition of Recommended "New Areas"
Some of the Bewildering array of Current Environmental Controls
1. "Northern Adirondack Area"
1. Adirondack Park Agency (1973)
United Nations Champlain-Adirondack Biosphere Reserve Designation (1989)
Proposed Federal Forest Legacy Land Acquisition (1990)
Federal Northern Forest Lands Council Study (1990)
Governor's Twenty-first Century Commission Study (1990)
Major State government land acquisition 1980's - 1990's
2. "Southern Catskill Pocono
Area" (with Pennsylvania
and New Jersey)
2. New York City Watershed increased rules proposed (1992)
Watershed, New York - New Jersey Highlands and Shawangunk Ridge -
State, not-profits, and planned Federal Forest Legacy land acquisition (1990's)
U.N. Catskill Biosphere Reserve proposed (1994)
3. "Eastern Long Island"
3. Federal and State Coastal Zone Management Acts (1972)
Long Island Pine Barrens Maritime Reserve Act (1990)
New York State Long Island Pine Barrens Commission (1993)
4. "Tug Hill Plateau Area"
4. New York State Tug Hill Commission (1972)
Federal Northern Forest Lands Council study (1990)
Federal Forest Legacy Land Acquisition proposal (1990)
5. "Upper Delaware River"
5. NPS Delaware National Scenic and Recreational River (1978)
Government land acquisition focus
6. "Mohawk River Valley"
6. New York State Canal Recreationway Commission (1992)
Government land acquisitions focus
7. "Thousand Islands"
7. St. Lawrence-Eastern Ontario Commission (1974)
Federal Coastal Zone Management Act amended to include inland waterways
Thousand Islands Study (1981)
Great Lakes Charter and Great Lakes Commission (1985)
New York State Great Lakes Water Conservation and Management Law (1990)
Governor's Great Lakes Basin Advisory Council and New York State 25 year plan for Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Basin (1992)
Governor's Coastal Resources Task Force (current)
8. "Hudson River Valley"
8. State Hudson River Greenway Council and Conservancy (1991)
Proposed NPS Hudson Valley Heritage Area (1994)
Extreme State and Non-Profit land acquisition (1990's)
9. "Niagara Falls/Grand Island"
(International Area)
9. New York State Horizons Waterfront Commission (1988)
10. "Genessee River Valley"
10. "Genessee River Corridor": New York State Open Space Conservation Plan includes Great Lakes Basin Advisory Committee recommendations and ISTEA funds to create Genessee Greenway Trail Land acquisitions focus 
11. "Susquehanna River Valley"
(with Pennsylvania)
11. "Susquehanna/Chemung/Chanango River Corridors" New York State Open Space Conservation Plan recommendations
Land acquisitions focus
12. "Lake Champlain Valley"
(with Vermont)
12. Federal Lake Champlain Management Conference - joint U.S. EPA, Army Corps of Engineers, Fish and Wildlife Service, Vermont and New York State planning study (1991)
Watershed and land acquisition focus
Champlain-Hudson Heritage Corridor NPS proposal (1992) 
(1)National Park's and Conservation Association "Greenline Parks: Potential New Areas" study for President's Council on Environmental Quality as cited by J. Glenn Eugster, Chief, Division of Natural Resource Planning, NPS May 14, 1982 letter. 
Continuity: Of the twelve areas listed by NPS in 1982, only "Niagara Falls / Grand Island international area" is not shown separately in New York State DEC's 1994 Open Space Conservation Plan map of "Resource Areas, Corridors and Waterway Access," but it fits within the "Great Lakes Access" designated on the map.

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