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A Word about UNESCO

Ellen McClay

I really do have to thank Carol, because otherwise I wouldn't be here. I heard the name of Al Gore mentioned, and I just want to point out to you that he and Prince Charles were mentored by Armand Hammer, and you know who he is and who his father was and where they made their money.

I had to laugh as I was listening to some of you, because I have a letter here from 1983 that I wrote when we had a problem in the city that I lived in, Costa Mesa, California, and one of the ladies on the local council wrote an article about stealing land by legal chicanery, and I had to reply to this because I said this seems to be a trend nationwide. I had noted in the educational system the derogation of property rights, particularly with regard to the founding fathers. They had been mocked as being concerned for property rights because they were big landowners and they were protecting themselves so the story goes. Thus, children have no respect for anyone else's rights. "What's yours is mine and I am going to take it and if you don't like it that's too bad." So the children grow up to be thieves, robbers, burglars and members of government. That is what they get from UNESCO.

Most people don't seem to have any clue as to UNESCO and its relationship to all that's going wrong in our country. The United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural Organization. E for education, S for science, C for culture. And they set out in 1946 to change our country, because they want us part of a nation state in a world government and that's what they have been working for ever since. If you knew the quality of the people who put it together, you would shudder. Supposedly it was for peace. The slogan is, "Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that defenses of peace must begin." The man who wrote that slogan was Archibald MacLeish. He was so red he decided to join the Communist Party, but then he thought maybe he ought not to do that. This is for peace but, at the same time, prior to that MacLeish tried to get the United States into the Spanish civil war on the Communist side. We didn't, but so Franklin Roosevelt hired him to do all kinds of press work to re-orient our minds about World War II that was coming up. So, secretly, while Mr. Roosevelt was telling us he wasn't going to get us into war, MacLeish was putting on radio programs and promoting literature that goaded us into the war. That's the kind of peace they are talking about.

That was the kind of people in San Francisco who put us into the UN. In my book you will see a picture of the UN flag and a woman holding a copy of the Soviet arms flag. They are almost identical. She did not know at the time that the UN flag was designed by a member of the Communist party in our State Department. That came out later in government reports. These are just some of the people who put that organization together. It's a very interesting thing that the Supreme Court had always held that treaties were laws or agreements between nations, but the UN and UNESCO did not exist until we signed with them and they are not a nation. They're just an organization. It has never been tried in court. Was it legal? Was it not?

I first learned about UNESCO in 1951 when I heard about it in the Los Angeles schools with regard to the writing of textbooks. Even then it was unknown to us and not until later did we know that UNESCO had an agreement with the State Department through Alger Hiss and Dean Acheson that all textbooks would be revised according to UNESCO's plan. That's what they have been ever since. If you don't like the textbooks, they go all the way back to that time. At any rate, that was when the American Revolution and all its heroes disappeared. One of the professors associated with UNESCO did not like George Washington. He said so and that is when we lost Washington, his birthday, in our memories. Anyway he didn't like him because he thought children might be tempted to emulate him. Well, as you know, George Washington was a pillar of rectitude.

But in 1956, for example, the State Department contacted all the superintendents of schools with a letter to tell them to do away with Christmas and to do it gradually so it would not be noticed. Few people know that.

One of the first and most important documents to come out of UNESCO was the Covenant of Human Rights, to which the Marxists give their allegiance because this covenant is more important than property rights. The Congress could not swallow it, so they did not pass; it, but it has been getting passed one tenet at a time as so many other covenants coming out of there. People think the UN is so far away and has nothing to do with us. We are living under it, and, as you know, treaty law is supreme, and I'm sure all the lawyers here know more about that than I do. It has been held to be supreme above our own law. But was this really a treaty? Are we really there legitimately?

At any rate, you heard Khrushchev's boast to my generation. Some of you might almost be at my generation, and you heard that our grandchildren would live in a socialist world. He spoke with authority because he knew very well that the machinery was in place. UNESCO is the brainwashing organization designed to bring it about.

In 1947 a California Senate committee held that books they had examined were unfit for use in American schools. In 1949 the National Society for the Sons of the American Revolution gave a fifty-page grievance petition to the Congress of the United States to investigate subversive textbooks being shipped interstate and this is in the documentary. It didn't happen. There was no investigation. The books have grown worse ever since. I have found one of the California Senate books, a story which is the reason why I wrote what I did about children not having any respect.

When a thirteen-year-old boy tells his mother that in general education his class is setting up panel discussions to decide what to do about the Constitution of the United States, which his teacher says is outmoded…When that child says that it can't be outmoded, that it needs to be amended, she says that is not fast enough to give the President the powers he needs…Now this was a discussion during 1958. In that respect, the Constitution has been getting outmoded by changes, because the Communist party at one point decided that they didn't need to amend the Constitution. They would do it by judicial decisions. And I understand, I have not checked it out, that Mr. Carter appointed 272 judges during his tenure and, I ask, are these the people who are changing our statutes by their decisions? I don't know.

In our neck of the woods within recent weeks, whole areas of U.S. forestland have been closed to human activities with one excuse after another. Many letters of complaint have appeared in the local press. I wrote a letter and I explained the source of this thought, but it didn't get published.

Anyway, the thirteenth chapter of Matthew contains a parable about a landlord whose wheat field was sown in tares by an enemy while the household slept. The field was the world, as it was explained, and the tares, a bitter poisonous weed, were the sons of the wicked one. A more apt description of UNESCO has never been written. Unfortunately, most of our countrymen are still sleeping. It is up to us, those who have awakened, to be diligent, vigilant, and to shake the alarm clock for those sleepers. I am thankful for sharing a few of my thoughts with you.

In the Presence of Our Enemies: A History of The Malignant Effects in America's Schools of the UN's Unesco and Its Transformation of American Society From The Lips of Those Who Did It by Ellen McClay (Authorhouse, 740 pp., paperback 2006). - link

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