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Advocacy/Member Groups
And Regulatory Agencies
Dealing with Property Rights, Home Rule, Economics, and Environmental Preservation
In the Adirondacks
And the Northern New England Forest

By Carol W. LaGrasse
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Section A

Advocacy/Education/Membership/Economic Groups

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1. Adirondack Conservation Council
    represents hunting, fishing, trapping and classical conservation interests
2.   Adirondack Council
      represents preservationist interests
3.   Adirondack Economic Development Corp.
      encourages limited business opportunities in the Adirondacks, manages the Essex and Hamilton Counties IDA's
4.   Adirondack Explorer
      promotes extreme preservation, while using "conservation" and "balance" as its posture
5.   Adirondack Fairness Coalition
      represents local small landowners, small business owners, real estate interests, construction interests, local governments and attorneys
6.   Adirondack Federation of Sports Clubs
      represents hunting, fishing, trapping and classical conservation interests
7.   Adirondack Land Trust
      represents interests in acquiring land for government and acquires land for government, works alongside Adirondack Nature Conservancy
8.   Adirondack Landowners' Association
      represents commercial and second home landowners whose property has been threatened by State acquisition
9.   Adirondack League Club
      represents the members/owners of the private 50,000-acre club; defending private waterways in court
10.   Adirondack Life magazine
      portrays nature, history and culture of the Adirondacks; contains selected articles on politics which are skillfully slanted toward
preservationists' view
11.   Adirondack Mountain Club
      represents non-hunting open space recreational users and preservationist interests
12.   Adirondack Nature Conservancy/Adirondack Land Trust
      local arm of The Nature Conservancy; represents interests in acquiring private land for government and acquires private land for government
13.   Adirondack North Country Association (ANCA)
      an agency promoting economic development, similar to a regional chamber of commerce
14.   Adirondack Solidarity Alliance/Adirondack Citizens Aid Fund
      represents local small landowners and small businesses, strong private property stance, against more government land acquisition
15.   Adirondackers for Access
      represents veterans and other disabled individuals seeking motorized access to State lands
16.   Alliance for America
      umbrella group of national and local wise use and private property rights groups, including those in Adirondacks
17.   American Land Rights Association
      represents private property owners and inholders nationally, including within Northern Forest Lands, opposes government land acquisition
18.   Appalachian Mountain Club (mainly New England)
      represents hiking and preservation interests,
member Northern Forest Alliance
19.   Associated Industries of Vermont
      represents forestry industry interests; opposes more restrictions on forestry, opposes more government land acquisition
20.   Association for the Protection of the Adirondacks
      represents traditional preservationist viewpoint
21.   Blue Line Confederation
      represents the remnant of a group with a strong property rights stance, including local small landowners, farmers, builders, and sportsmen
22.   Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (Societe Pour La Protection des Parcs et des Sites Naturels du Canada)
      wants to connect the Algonquin Provincial Park to the Adirondack Park
23.   Cenozoic Society, Inc. (Vermont)
      extreme preservationist group associated with the "Wildlands" program
24.   Change NY
      represents taxpayer and conservative interests
25.   Citizens Campaign for the Environment
      supports the Adirondack Council position
26.   Citizens for Constitutional Government
      supports constitutional positions such as private property rights and taxpayer issues
27.   Citizens for Property Rights (Vermont)
      represents taxpayers and property owners' interests
28.   Conservation Fund
      acquires land for preservation, especially greenways, and supports greenway and other preservation efforts
29.   Defenders of Wildlife
      represents national preservationist agenda, leads wolf reintroduction campaign
30.   Empire State Forest Products Association
      represents all branches of the forest products industry in New York State
31.   Environmental Advocates
      (affiliated with Environmental Planning Lobby)
parrots interests of the Adirondack Council and the National Audubon Society
 32.   Environmental Planning Lobby (EPL/Environmental Advocates)
      (Affiliated with Environmental Advocates)
parrots interests of the Adirondack Council and the National Audubon Society
33.   Farm Bureau of New York
      Supports private property rights and private land ownership
34.   Getting the Word Out, Inc.
      preservationist organization headed by Richard Beamish, Anne LaBastille, and George Davis; publishes the Adirondack Explorer
35.   Green Mountain Forest Watch
      files appeals to stop timber harvests in Vermont National Forests
36.   Lake George [Basin] Conservancy
      acquires land for preservation and exerts influence to stop use of land it desires to acquire
37.   Land Rights Foundation
      publishes the Land Rights Letter, a national newsletter supporting private property rights
38.   LandVest
      Timber investment company connected with land trusts, used for Champion International property acquired by TFG/NY State
39.   Maine Conservation Rights Institute (MECRI)
      represents private landowners and private conservation but supports government acquisition of conservation easements
40.   Maine Freedom Fighters
      advocates common sense for government role in Maine forests, represents private property rights interests
41.   Maine Times newspaper
      supports preservation viewpoint
42.   Multiple Use Association (New Hampshire)
      promotes open land use policies on government and private land, forest health, and largely opposes government land acquisition
43.   National Audubon Society
      advocates severe government regulation and acquisition of private land
44.   National Parks and Conservation Association/New York Parks and Conservation Association
      in New York advocates preservation of land and government land acquisition; national organization advocates for national parks and restricted human impact on them
45.   National Wildlife Federation
      advocates same position as Adirondack Council, affiliated with Adirondack Council and Environmental Advocates
 46.   New York Blue Line Council, Inc.
      represents former state officials, business, labor, education, health care, large landowners, forest products industry and tourism
47.   New York Forest Owners Association
      dedicated to forest stewardship
48.   New York Rivers United
      advocates government land acquisition, represents rafting, canoeing interests, and certain wildlife interests
49.   New York State Conservation Council
      represents regional groups of hunters, anglers, trappers and other sportsmen; an umbrella group which includes the Adirondack Conservation Council
50.   Northeastern Loggers Association
      represents loggers
51.   Northern Appalachian Restoration Project
      advocates extreme preservation
52.   Northern Forest Alliance
      alliance of 30-odd national and northern regional preservationist groups to create vast government wilderness preserves in northern New York,
Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine
53.   Northern Forest Center
      states that it supports diverse forest economy and culture, but is tied to extreme preservationists and wants more region-wide planning
54.   Open Space Institute
      acquires land for preservation and government acquisition
55.   Preserve Appalachian Wilderness (PAW)
      advocates direction action to prevent use of development of all forested land ("wilderness")
56.   Property Owners Standing Together (POST) (Vermont)
      opposes excessive restrictions on forestry, private property, and government land acquisition; represents landowners, local forest producers
57.   Property Rights Foundation of America, Inc.
      represents variety of private property owners, defends private property rights, opposes government land acquisition
58.   Pulp and Paperworker's Resource Council
      represents labor in timber industry, opposes excessive restrictions on land use and government land acquisition
59.   Residents Committee to Protect the Adirondacks
      consistently supports preservation agenda
60.   RESTORE: The North Woods
      radical preservationist group affiliated with the Northern Forest Alliance
61.   Sierra Club
      supports severe restrictions on land-use, advocated government, land acquisition
62.   The Forestland Group
      timberland holding company tied to the land trusts, purchaser of the Champion International Lands
63.   The Nature Conservancy
      largest national environmental group; acquires land for preservation, largely for transfer to government
64.   Trust for Public Land
      acquires private land for government ownership
65.   Vermont Federation of Sportsmen's Clubs, Inc.
      represents sportsmen's and local landowners' interests
66.   Vermont Forest Products Association
      represents forest industry interests, opposes more restrictions on forestry
67.   Vermont Land Trust
      acquires land for government
68.   Wild Earth magazine
      advocates "re-wilding" Northern Forest Lands to pure wilderness with natural predators as in "Wildlands" project, with broad government land acquisition
69.   Wilderness Society
      advocates more federal wilderness areas; member Northern Forest Alliance
70.   Wildlife Conservation Society
      spearheaded Adirondack Communities and conservation program


Section B

Local/State/Federal Agencies

1. Adirondack Association of Towns & Villages
    represents local governments
2.   Adirondack Park Agency
      regulates private land use in the Adirondack Park
3.   Adirondack Park Local Government Review Board
      created by Legislature to monitor the APA and mediate conflicts between APA and applicants and local governments
4.   Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)
      licenses dams and regulates relicensing
5.   Lake Champlain Basin Program
      Federal program to do studies, etc., to induce more government protection of Lake Champlain watershed
6.   Lake George Park Commission
      New York State agency which regulates docks, waterfront land-use controls and use of Lake George
7.   National Park Service
      administers National Parks, for which Adirondacks were considered; with U.S. Dept. of State handles UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, including Adirondack-Champlain Biosphere Reserve; administers National Natural Landmarks; administers American Heritage Areas with other agencies
8.   New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
      regulates public land use in the Adirondacks, regulates wetlands, acquires private land for State ownership, and regulates certain activities on private land
9.   U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
      regulates wetlands, overlapping with APA and DEC
10.   U.S. Man and Biosphere Program (Dept. of State)
      administers UNESCO Champlain-Adirondack Biosphere Reserves and others with NPS; applies to UNESCO for future Biosphere Reserves


Disbanded Organizations

A-1. Adirondack Defense League
    represented small landowners
A-2.   Central Adirondack Defense Committee
      represented small landowners, small businesses, and builders
A-3.   Citizens Council/Group of the Adirondacks/Property Rights Council of America
      represented Donald Gerdts, Adirondackers, with stance for home rule and private property rights
A-4.   Northern Forest Lands Council
      a federal agency that represented preservation and later some industrial forest interests

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