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17. American Land Rights Association (ALRA)
(formerly National Inholders Association)

and League of Private Property Voters (LPPV)

(Latest update 2001)

P. O. Box 400
Battleground, WA 98604

(360) 687-3087

Legislative Office
1217 G Street, NE
Washington, DC (202) 546-2545

Key Personnel

Charles S. (Chuck) Cushman, Executive Director ALRA
and Chairman LPRV
Bruce Grefrath, Washington, D.C., Legislative Director


18,000 (Probably has the largest property rights membership of any group in the United States)

Coalition Involvements

Works as a highly autonomous organization but coordinates at times with probably all the nationwide property rights and wise-use organizations, and many local property rights organizations. Works at times with groups based in the Adirondacks, such as the Property Rights Foundation of America, as well as groups in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine, where it gives speaking tours on issues such as Northern Forest Lands.

Organization Goals

"The American Land Rights Association (ALRA) is a public interest advocacy organization that protects the rights of private property owners across America. It works to protect landowners impacted by various growth management schemes as well as the Endangered Species Act, Clean Waster Act (wetlands) and other Federal land use regulatory laws," according to the summary published by ALRA.


(1) American Land Rights Association

Charles S. Cushman, Executive Director

(2) League of Private Property Voters

Charles S. Cushman, Chairman


(1) Overview

The American Land Rights Association/National Inholders Association is the oldest and largest national property rights association. In 1972 Cushman began his work for property rights as an inholder in Wawona, Yosemite National Park. He has organized and defended property owners in many different areas of the country, working in each case to keep local control. He has been referred to as "The Desert Fox" and "Mr. Rent-A-Riot" as a result of his aggressive efforts to protect landowners from the federal, state and local land use controls. In addition, he has worked on many wise use issues related to the Forest Service, grazing fees, and mining law. A great deal of his work has been in Alaska.

(2) In 1997, he became active with groups in New England to battle the Northern Forest Stewardship Act, which he calls "at attempt to federalize 26 million acres of mostly private land."

(3) Land Rights Networks

A system of over 20,000 fax numbers tied together in a Congressional alert system

(3) League of Private Property Voters

Organized in 1990, the LPPV publishes the Private Property Congressional Vote Index, a Congressional vote score card designed to let the public know how each Congressman and Senator voted on import land-use issues. Almost 500,000 copies were distributed in 1996.

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