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1. Adirondack Conservation Council, Inc.
(Latest Update - 2001)

Letsonville Road
Paradox, NY 128582.

(518) 585-7250

Key Personnel (partly updated from 1999 to 2000)

Clayton "Red" Galarneau, President (2000) (Edmund Morette, President until 1999, deceased)

Russell Collins, 1st V.P.

(Don Sage, an ardent supporter of Adirondack home rule, was first V.P. and Treas., as well as the newsletter editor, for several years, and the above is his address. At the February 13, 2000 Council meeting, the new leadership had come in. DEC officials were in attendance, quoting the by-laws aloud. The leadership summarily ordered Don Sage to resign from his office as treasurer and turn in his books, before his term of office was up. According to Russ Collins, Sage was too "extreme" toward the DEC and APA, and the Council was losing members as a result. Oddly, that very morning the Albany Times Union carried preservationist Fred LeBrun's sports column predicting the termination of Don Sage's office.)

Don Auclair, Secretary

Conservation Fund Advisory Board:
Robert Monacchio, Region 5
Linda Sicley, Region 6
NYS Conservation Council:
Don Sage, Region 5
James Colwell, Region 6
Fish & Wildlife Management Board:
Don Sage, Chairman, Region 5
Everett Quakenbush, Chairman, Region 6
Clinton Co. Fed.: Russ Collins, Pres.
Hamilton Co. Fed.: Kim Mitchell, Pres.
Herkimer Co. Fed.: Robert Grose, Pres.
St. Lawrence Co. Fed.: John Gibbs, Pres.
Saratoga Co. Fed.: Ron Rybicki, Pres.
Washington Co. Fed.: Gene Terry, Pres.
Schenectady Co. Fed.: Mark Storti, Pres.
Franklin Co. Fed.: Nellie Staves, Pres.


30,000 (through member organizations, mailing list—3,500)

Coalition Involvements and Structure

The Adirondack Conservation Council is a coalition of sports clubs from through the Adirondacks and is itself part of the New York State Conservation Council. The officers of the Adirondack Conservation Council include the president of each county federation of sports clubs, as well as the DEC Region 5 and 6 representatives to the Conservation Advisory Board and the Fish & Wildlife Management Board, as well as to the NYS Conservation Council.

Organization Goals
The Adirondack Conservation Council supports traditional conservation and sportsmen's issues and activities. It supports public access to State-owned lands and opposes State land acquisition.


Adirondack Echoes, (quarterly), Bud Kilmartin-ed., Don Sage-publ.


(1) Founded over 50 years ago, the Adirondack Conservation Council gets involved almost entirely in state and local issues, but is also concerned with gun control efforts on a federal level. It recently advocated improvements in snowmobile, handicapped, boating and fishing access to State land.

(2) The Conservation Council distributed information opposing the acquisition of the Champion International lands but it lauded the purchase of conservation easements because the lands were said to be kept as working forest and opened to all types of recreational access.

(3) It opposes wolf reintroduction. It urged a boycott of Nike for its disparaging hunters. The Winter l998 newsletter called for a boycott of Matt Brewing Company's Saranac beer for making an annual donation to the Association for the Protection of the Adirondacks.

(4) It is one of the rare groups to recently publish a call for the abolition of the APA. The summer 1998 newsletter cover heralded "APA Celebrates 25 Years of Genocide and Slavery of Adirondackers."

The Conservation Council published an analysis of $4.5 million misappropriated by DEC from the Conservation Fund, which was not applied to fish and game programs or enforcement as mandated by law.

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