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4. Adirondack Explorer (See Getting the Word Out, Inc.)
(Latest update 2001)

36 Church Street
Saranac Lake, NY 12983
(518) 891-9352
Fax (518) 891-9312

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Key Personnel

Richard Beamish, Editor and Publisher, under publishing organization Getting the Word Out, Inc., a non-profit organization (see entry).
Phil Brown, Managing Editor
Contributing Writers: Barbara P. Brown, Michael Larabee, Bill McKibben, Will Nixon, Curt Stager, Sandra Weber, Phil Terrie, Alan Wechsler
Photographers: Gary Randorf, Rebecca Soderholm
Artists: Nancy Bernstein, Jerry Russell, Mike Storey


Circulation: unknown


See: Getting the Word Out, Inc.

Coalition Involvements

Individuals and groups with strong preservationist stance in advertising and articles includes Adirondack Museum, Adirondack Mountain Club, Ausable Club, Fred LeBrun, Bill McKibben, Northern Forest Forum, Clarence Petty, Paul Smith's College, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

Organizational Description and Goals

(For an idea of the real goals of the Adirondack Explorer, see the board of directors under Getting the Word Out)

"A monthly newspaper covering the Adirondack Park"

Founded in 1998, tabloid format (recent issue 35 pp.), published 10 times yearly. Hardly a newspaper, but contains numerous general magazine-style articles and a very little news. Has writers, but not reporters on staff.

Described in local press as promoting balance, "conservation" and discussion of both sides of issues. Editor Phil Brown described newspaper as promoting "conservation" in a recent interview, requesting this writer to provide her "vision" of the Adirondacks for 100 years hence. He did not answer truthfully the names of writers and did not mention the publisher. Later this writer learned that Beamish was the publisher and that Bill McKibben would be one of the authors in the vision "debate."

Stated goals do not jibe with the actual content of the newspaper, which in a recent issue portrays off-road vehicle users as irresponsible in a sly little article and deftly places a letter decrying jet skis, but devotes nearly all its space to a romanticizing of hiking, the mythological quality of the Hudson River, nature, Adirondack women, Adirondack music, wilderness guides, historic painters and explorers, canoeing and rowing shells. Spitzer's suit of Midwest power plants is "news" in a tiny reprint article in the issue. No direct mention of Adirondack controversies is made, except for the "It's Debatable" section. No local news, except for one [selected] item about ATV's being ticketed.

Obviously this publication is produced with the singular goal of promoting extreme preservation of the Adirondack region.

Board of Directors (See: Getting the Word Out)

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