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5. Adirondack Fairness Coalition
(Latest Update 2001)

c/o Susan Allen
P. O. Box 7l8
Keene Valley, NY 12943

(518) 576-9861

Key Personnel

Susan Allen, Executive Director
Peter Allen, Chairman

Membership (not available)

Coalition Involvements

Adirondack Association of Towns and Villages
Adirondack Park Local Government Review Board
New York Blue Line Council

Organization Goals

The Adirondack Fairness Coalition seeks to find "a balance between preserving the nature of the park's wilderness and bolstering the region's economy, give local government a meaningful role in land-use decisions, and ensure that the state guarantees access to the Adirondacks."

Board of Directors

Frederick Monroe, supervisor Town of Chestertown, Counsel for
Adirondack Park Local Government Review Board
Dennis Phillips, Attorney


Influential publications have included a legal analysis of the impact of conservation easements, a professional analysis of the degree of government land ownership in the Adirondack Park, and a slide show combining this analysis with a study of APA control of land-use.


Founded in 1990, the Fairness Coalition has no paid staff and relies entirely on volunteers. The focus of the Coalition has been on legislative proposals for the Adirondacks. It was very influential during the period of the Twenty-first Century Commission controversy. It continues to participate in Adirondack issues as an organization, and is available to comment on proposed legislation.

Champlain Valley Heritage Corridor Project: In March 2000, the Fairness Coalition officially commented in opposition to the National Park Service proposal (accompanying a major study) to Congress for a new Champlain Valley Heritage Corridor Project.

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