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14. Adirondack Solidarity Alliance
And Adirondack Citizens Aid Fund
(updated 2001)

RR l, Box 202 B
Crown Point, NY 12928

(518) 597-3061

Key Personnel

Dale and Jeris French
Cal Carr
Judy Ford
Howard Aubin


(1) Adirondack Solidarity Alliance

No officers

(2) Adirondack Citizens Aid Fund

Cal Carr, President
Dale French, Vice President
Jeris French, Secretary-Treasurer


No formal membership count, meets regularly in Crown Point. No longer has the separate chapters which existed at the height of the early 1990's controversy.


Shortly after it was founded, the Alliance raffled off for $80,000 a new house built by volunteers. The twin groups are said to have remained adequately funded.

Organizational Goals and Background

(l) Adirondack Solidarity Alliance

The Adirondack Solidarity Alliance was formed in 1990 to consolidate the efforts of various groups fighting against further Adirondack land-use controls, land acquisition and taxpayer problems at the time the Twenty-first Century Commission report was released. The Frenches, Cal Carr, Donald Gerdts, and others founded the Alliance at about the same time that Gerdts formed the Citizens Council of the Adirondacks. Gerdts once said that the Citizens Council was to be the perceived "radical" arm of the Adirondack activism and the Solidarity Alliance was to be the organ that would join all efforts together. But the two groups quickly became estranged after the two I-87 motorcade protests in the spring of 1990, first disputing over proceeds from the sale of T-shirts.

After forming a new group, the short-lived Property Rights Council of America with Keith Van Buskirk and Carol LaGrasse, Gerdts left for Virginia in 1994, but the Solidarity Alliance remained an active local grassroots group and its leadership, the Frenches, Cal Carr, and the Fords, expanded to participation in the national property rights movement. Dale French is now an officer on the board of directors of the national umbrella wise use/ property rights coalition, the Alliance for America, which holds an annual convention each spring in Washington, D.C.

The Solidarity Alliance remains dedicated to securing private property rights and home rule for Adirondackers.

(3) Adirondack Citizens Aid Fund

The Adirondack Citizens Aid Fund was founded in 1991, with broad educational and other goals. One of its activities is assisting Adirondack property owners in legal defense of the APA and other government agencies infringing on their rights.

Board of Directors

(1) Adirondack Solidarity Alliance

Informal, no board of directors

(3) Adirondack Citizens Aid Fund

Cal Carr, President
Dale French, Vice president
Jeris French, Secretary-Treasurer
Judy Ford
Lee Norton


Comments about ASA and its leaders

(1) Legislation against wolf reintroduction campaign

Dale French has been elected to the office of Supervisor of the Town of Crown Point. In 1999 he succeeded in leading the Essex County Board of Supervisors to pass a law against the introduction of predators in Essex County.

(2) Study of the legality of the APA

Dale French has been successful during 1999 in persuading the Essex County Board of Supervisors to commission a study for by Defenders of Property Rights, Washington, D.C., to co-fund with a Maryland philanthropist Ralph Hofstetter a study determine the legality of the actions of the APA. However, French squelched the report after it was completed, perhaps because he was unable to produce the additional funding to do the topic of the study justice. The unavailable report is said to have been a cursory overview incorporating the information given to the Defenders by French.

(3) Cal Carr's radio station

Cal Carr owns WIPS, an AM radio station in Ticonderoga, which is heard as far as Plattsburgh and Burlington, Vt. It is simultaneously broadcast over WIRD AM from Lake Placid and an FM station in Tupper Lake. Carr has a Saturday talk show at 1250 AM.

(4) Past controversy

In June 1992, outside the State Capitol, Cal Carr and Adirondack Council Spokesman John Sheehan got into a fistfight at a rally for Senator Stafford. Both sides claimed that the other started it, but no charges were files. The incident received wide media attention, and in some cases overshadowed coverage of the rally itself. The coverage, in the main, depicted a peaceful "naturalist" (Sheehan) being set upon by a crazed property rights activist (Carr). This was typical of the exaggeration by the press of supposed or isolated violence by people who oppose environmentalists, while consistent, real violence by Earth First types is downplayed or ignored.

(4) Exit poll

The Solidarity Alliance consistently maintains a policy in support of abolition of the APA. On one Election Day in the early 1990's, the Alliance took exit polls in 12 towns in Essex and Franklin Counties on whether to eliminate the APA. Over 10,000 ballots were cast, and 88 percent voted to reject the APA. The Adirondack Council filed complaints with the State Board of Elections, objecting to having the exit polls taken inside the polling areas.

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