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Key Personnel - Alliance for America

Bruce Vincent, Libby, MT, President
Harry McIntosh, Caroga Lake , NY, Administrative director,
Patricia A. Bradburn, Chairman, 1999 Fly-In
John Fulton Lewis, Reedville, VA, newsletter editor

Staff- Alliance for America

Bruce Vincent, President
Harry McIntosh, Administrative director

Membership - Alliance for America

Membership is comprised of individuals and member organizations from the wise use and property rights movement throughout the country.

Finances - Alliance for America Foundation

Income: $25,110 (1997)
Assets: $46,915 (1997)
Files an IRS 990 or 990EZ

Coalition Involvements

The timber industry from the Northwest primarily organized the first "Fly-In-For-Freedom" in Washington, DC, in 1991.

Nearly all of the national wise-use and private property rights organizations are participants in the Alliance for America, which is an umbrella organization. Industry has provided a significant part of the funding for the annual conventions, and affected the selection of agendas. There has been a constant tension between the wise use and industry groups, on the one hand, which have established lobbying systems which are willing to compromise against on endangered species and property rights in general, and the grassroots property rights organizations, primarily in the East, on the other hand.

Adirondack property rights activists have participated from the first meeting in Washington, D.C., and the organizational meeting later the same year in St. Louis. David Howard, who at the time led the Adirondack Blue Line Confederation in Caroga Lake, was the first president, but is no longer active in the Alliance. Adirondack activists who were at the first two meetings were Dale and Jeris French, Judy Ford, Donald Gerdts, David Howard, Carol LaGrasse and Keith Van Buskirk.

Dale French, Adirondack Solidarity Alliance, is the current board member representing the Northeast, and an advocate for property rights issues. He gave a speech at the 1999 Fly-In about grassroots organizing against the Northern Forest Lands Council and Carol LaGrasse, Property Rights Foundation of America, spoke about the American Heritage Rivers program. Judy Ford and Jeris French of the Adirondack Solidarity Alliance are other active grassroots members from the Adirondacks.

The Alliance for America, although not a local Adirondack organization, is important to Adirondack issues because of the involvement of Dale French and the Adirondack Solidarity Alliance, and Carol LaGrasse, and the access which this provides to the membership mailings, web page, etc., and policy-making.

Speakers at the 1999 Fly-In are the shortest list to display the emphasis and breadth of the Alliance's coalitioning. These were:

Dale E. Anderson, Pennsylvania Forest Industry Association
Ron Arnold, Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise
Joseph L. Bast, Heartland Institute
Kathleen Benedetto, National Wilderness Institute
Matt Bennett, Emmet Vaughn Lumber Co., Knoxville, KY
Patricia Bradburn, property owner, Manassas Park, VA
Rep. Helen Chenoweth
Laura Cleland, International Forest Products Association
Rose Comstock, Quincy Lumber Group, Quincy, CA
Doug Crandall, Chief of Staff House Resources Subcommittee on Forests and Forest Health
Chuck Cushman, American Land Rights Association;
Becky Norton Dunlop, Heritage Foundation;
David D. Fredley, Minerals Management Consultants, Washington, DC;
Dale French
Frank M. Gladies,
International Forest Products Association, Beaverton, OR
Robert Gordon, Jr., National Wilderness Institute, Georgetown, VA
Michael Hardiman, Policy and Communications Director to Congressman Richard Pombo
Jeffrey P. Harris, People for the USA
Carol W. LaGrasse
Bruce Lippke, College of Forest Resources, Seattle, WA
Dr. Bill Moshofsky, Oregonians in Action (won Dolan v. Tigard), Tigard, OR
Wm. Perry Pendley, Mountain States Legal Foundation
Teresa Platt, Fur Commission USA
Rep. Richard Pombo
Rep. George Radanovich
Brooke Roberts, Legislative Dir. And Counsel, Senator Larry Craig
Jerry Schill, North Carolina Fisheries Assn.
Steven D. Stinson, Cowlitz Ridge Tree Farm, Toleda, WA;
Bruce Vincent
Harry V. Wiant, Jr. Ph.D., silviculture consultant; Morgantown, WV
Donn Zea, California Forest Products Association.

The attendees at the annual fly-In seem to be concentrated in the Northeast and the Far West including Alaska.

Organizational Goals

"The Alliance for America is a non-profit, grassroots organization of conservationists dedicated to bringing human concerns into environmental decision-making."


The Annual Fly-In -for-Freedom features a weekend of speakers and training followed by three days of lobbying in Washington, DC. It is the only such event of consistency and importance. This year a group of dissatisfied participants in the Alliance and others organized another Washington gathering that they called the Property Rights Congress, but so far nothing of consequence has been reported.

In addition to the Fly-In speakers on topics ranging from "Get a Grip on Earth Day" to "Tracking Congress' Votes for Private Property Rights," the Alliance published a program with issue statements on Animal Welfare, Endangered Species, Farming U.S. Domestic Fisheries, International Harvesting of the Oceans, Fur Farming, Hunting and Trapping, Mining and Society, Private Property (Dale French is the official contact), and Recreation.

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