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21. Blue Line Confederation
(Latest update 2001)

P. O. Box 449
Caroga Lake, NY 12032

(518) 725-1090

Key Personnel

David Howard


(not available, at the height of its 1990-92 activity, about 300-400)

Organization Goals and Background

The Blue Line Confederation was one of the groups which sprung up to oppose the Twenty-first Century Commission report. David Howard was the founder and leader, and it was a very well-organized and active group at the time. The organization is believed to still nominally exist, but it is unknown whether it meets.

It has been incorrectly stated that David Howard "founded" the Alliance for America. (See "Alliance for America" entry.) He was elected president of the Alliance for America at the first organizational meeting, in St. Louis, Mo., in November 1991.

As the president of the Alliance for America, Howard had an important role in the early days of the Alliance. He went on to leave the Alliance and was one of three founders of the national group Liberty Matters about three years ago.

Coalition Involvements

David Howard and Harry McIntosh and their families set up a formidable fax base and computer network at the national office of the Alliance for America, which David Howard established at Caroga Lake. The new organization Liberty Matters may be working in a coalition with the Alliance using this database at David Howard's hometown where the Blue Line organization began.


The Blue Line Confederation was a staunch defender of property rights, opposed to government land acquisition, and defender of local home rule, policies which David Howard carried to his efforts in the Alliance, and then used to found the Liberty Matters.

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