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A-2 Central Adirondack Defense Committee (No longer active)
Formerly at Old Forge, N.Y
(Latest update 2001)

Key Personnel

J. Claude Lecours, Chairman

Organization Goals

"The Central Adirondack Defense Committee, according to its position statement of September 1991, 'believes that the residents of the Adirondacks should be full and equal partners with the state in developing and administering all economic, environmental and social policies affecting the Adirondacks. We continue to work for viable policies which protect both our natural resources and our local economy.'

"The CADC supports equal representation on any agency which has the power to administer control over Adirondack land use; opposes legislation which identifies land acquisition as an environmental concern; opposed eminent domain procedures taken simply to acquire more land for the state; supports keeping all state roads and snowmobile trails open and accessible to the public; opposes the Navigable Rivers Bill; and opposes any legislation which incorporates the recommendations of the Commission Report or ignores the rights of Adirondack residents.

"The CADC 'is working for a fair and equitable balance between Adirondack residents, the state and the environment on all issues pertaining to the Adirondacks.'"

1999 Update

The Central Adirondack Defense Committee no longer exists, but Claude Lecours remains in the background advancing private property rights.

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