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24. Change NY
(Latest update 2001)

4 Chelsea Place
Clifton Park, NY 12065
(518) 383-2696

Key Personnel

Tom Carroll
Brian Backstrom

Coalition Involvements

There are two sister organizations to Change New York:

Empire State Foundation


Environmental Trust Fund battle: Tom Carroll worked harder than any other individual to oppose the passage of the Environmental Trust Fund, the land acquisition fund that was passed during 1993 under Cuomo, with the acquiescence of Sen. Ron Stafford. Although he had been very supportive of Adirondack home rule and limiting government land-use control and land acquisition, after this Tom Carroll seemed to lose interest in pursuing any more Adirondack-related issues.

Pataki Administration: After Pataki was elected governor, Tom Carroll left Change NY to work on regulatory reform for the Pataki Administration; Pataki was elected as a result of strong influence of conservatives, and leading conservatives were the key members of the Pataki Transition Team. Policies advocated by Change NY were expected to put into place. The organization Change NY faded into the background. But Tom Carroll did not stay with the Pataki Administration. It is widely stated that he left because of disappointment with the failure to implement expected reforms.

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