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26. Citizens for Constitutional Government
(Latest update 2001)

P.O. Box 73
Hampton, NY 12837

(518) 282-9818

Key Personnel

Bill Gage, President
Tony Scudak, Vice President
Joan Denton, Secretary-Treasurer


approximately 30


(Not available, probably far below $10,000 annually)

Coalition Involvements

Co-hosted the a conference in September with P.O.S.T., at which at least 20 groups from Maine (Mary Adams of Maine Freedom Fighters) to New York (Robert Schulz with his All-County Tax Payers) addressed the people

Organizational Goals

About 20 members of the group meet weekly to work on how to limit government according to the Constitution. They support private property rights as one of their prime concerns, and oppose government land acquisition and regulation of private land.

Board of Directors (Trustees)

Not available


Published a model lawsuit


The members seek special referenda, plan pro se constitutional lawsuits in federal court to remedy wrongful acts by municipalities, and have at least one such action currently in court. One member is said to have defeated the IRS in court.

They sponsor guest speakers on topics such as property rights, interview candidates, and actively participate in the process of local government and train people to do this.

Bill Gage jointly planned with P.O.S.T. the "First Annual Northeast Constitutional Convention" in September at the Addison County Fairgrounds, New Haven, Vt. The small registration fee was option and it was attended by about 40-50. People talked about violations of constitutional rights and how to actively defend these. Although prominent property rights activists such as Mary Adams of Maine attended and spoke, some of the people who attended were from the extreme right, preoccupied with fruitless theories about the "optional" nature of income taxes and the "right" to drive without a driver's license.

Several of the members are concerned about Adirondack issues and are from the Adirondacks.

In February 2000, they got brief coverage in a small article in the Times Union because member Hank Ayers brought a petition of 16 signatures to the Assembly to ask for the impeachment of Assemblyman McEneny for his letter downplaying the fundamental right to own private property, a reply to a member who wrote about the DEC re-mapping of Saratoga wetlands,

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