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27. Citizens for Property Rights
(Latest update 2001)

P.O. Box 8200
Essex, VT 05451-8200

Key Personnel

David Edson, President
P.O. Box 225
Underhill Ctr., VT 05490
(802) 899-3029

Martin Harris, Chairman
P.O. Box 2716
RD 2
Vergennes, VT 05491
(802) 877-3961


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David Edson, President
Martin Harris, Chairman
Larry Mitchell, Treasurer
Robert Maynard, Secretary

Coalition Involvements

Vermont Republican Assembly (a private organization)
Property Owners Standing Together (POST)
Other New England and New York groups, such as the Property Rights Foundation of America

Organization Goals

"We are a Vermont grass roots organization dedicated since 1989 to protecting property rights. Our members are located in all counties of the state and include people from all walks of life. We are not tied to any political party."

"Goal-Reform the permit process and repeal the regulatory nonsense of wetlands dry most of the year, of protected species thriving outside Vermont, of forbidden use of land with no compensation and of other false presumptions of unlimited governmental rights. Now, more than ever, we must affirm Vermont's authentic voice."

Board of Directors

Gordon Booth
David Edson
Martin Harris
Robert Maynard


CPR is an all-volunteer, grassroots organization which focuses on local meetings and events, and legislative lobbying. CPR has participated in the important property rights gatherings for the last five years in New York and Vermont.

Working to reduce excessive school taxes. Columnist Martin Harris has been getting out the news about University of Rochester Professor Eric Hanushek's study showing that reduced class size has not increased learning

Working toward a legislative report card and several events this year.

Also working against statewide land-use controls


Citizens for Property Rights Newsletter, published quarterly

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