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25. Citizens Campaign for the Environment
(Latest update 2001)

170 Washington Avenue
Albany, NY 12210

(5l8) 434-8171

Formal name:
Citizens Campaign Fund for Environment, Inc.
Citizens Environmental Research Inst.
225A Main Street
Farmingdale, NY 11735
(516) 390-7150

Also has offices in White Plains and Buffalo

Key Personnel

Sarah J. Meyland, Executive Director


Not available

Finances (1998)

Total revenue: $348,857
Telephone solicitation campaigns account for all "direct public support"—$233,379.
Government grants account for the remainder of $115,474, including NYS South Shore Estuary— $69,790, U.S. EPA-Environmental Education Project— $27,116, Albany County Water Quality Commission—$1,000, NYS Great Lakes Research Consortium—10,623.

Total expenses: $355,368

Coalition Involvements

Joined with the Adirondack Council, National Audubon Society and Sierra Club to support wilderness designation of the Whitney, Watson's East (Lassiter), Lake Lila and Alice Brook tracts.

Organizational Goals

See "Comments"

Board of Directors

Not available


1998 Annual Program activity report listed the following projects:

(1) Water Resources

Coastal water resources, Long Island and Great Lakes.

CERI serves as administrative assistant to the South Shore Estuary Reserve Citizens Advisory Committee, and carries out many of the outreach initiatives on behalf of the CAC, including a newsletter, Long Island South Shore Estuary News. CERI continued its involvement in the implementation of the "Long Island Sound Study."

Staff conducted watershed educational programs in local schools in the Capitol region, western New York and Long Island.

Acid Rain: "A report on the severe damage being caused by Acid Rain was distributed by CERI," and "public education on this issue." "Acid Raid not only damages the forests of the Adirondacks and western N.Y., it also contributes excessive amounts of nitrogen to coastal waters such as Long Island Sound, New York Harbor and southern Long Island."

CERI also was involved in research on implementation of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act Consumer Confidence Reports in New York and the Drinking Water Right to Know program.

(2) Environmental Justice

This program, located in Garden City Park, is aimed at middle school girls in "communities of color" in Nassau County. The "Girls Action Green project" is funded in part by the National Science Foundation. Also conducts extensive teacher training.

(3) Environmental and Public Health Research

"Sanitary Sewer Overflow" project deals with homeowner systems and sewage collection systems. (Judging by its annual report, CERI seems ignorant about, or uninterested in, direct government discharges, by far the largest source of all pollutant discharge.)

Another project of theirs is ventilation and toxic and hazardous chemicals in schools.

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