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32. Environmental Planning Lobby (EPL)

(goes by the name EPL-Environmental Advocates, and is sister organization to Environmental Advocates, which see)

353 Hamilton Street
Albany, NY 12210

(518) 462-5526
1-800-SAVE NYS
FAX: (518) 427-0381
Web site:

(same address, etc., as Environmental Advocates)

Key Personnel

Oakes Ames, President
Judith Enck, Vice President
Cara Lee, Secretary/Treasurer

Val Washington, Executive Director
Jason Babbie, Project Director
David Higby, Project Director
Audrey Thier, Project Director
Jeff Jones, Communications Director and editor of the 1999 Voters' Guide





Coalition Involvements

Environmental Advocates (According to the 1998 IRS 990 form of Environmental Advocates, "EPL regularly retains Environ. Advocates to perform research program development and educational activities.")

See Environmental Advocates for further coalition information.

Organization Description and Goals

"EPL-Environmental Advocates was formed in 1969 as one of the first organizations in the nation to advocate for the future of a state's environment and the health of its citizens. Through lobbying, advocacy, coalition building, citizen education and policy development, EPL-Environmental Advocates has been New York's environmental conscience-assuring that environmental laws are being enforced; that tough new measures are enacted when necessary; and that the public is informed of, and participates, in, important environmental policy debates."-EPL web page.

Board of Directors

Oakes Ames, President (also president of Environmental Advocates)
Judith Enck, Vice President (director of NYPIRG, also on executive board of Environmental Advocates)
Cara Lee, Secretary/Treasurer
Richard Allen
Eric A. Goldstein
Ellen C. O'Flaherty Pratt
Marsh Zeesman


1999 Voters' Guide


See Environmental Advocates. It is hard to know exactly where one organization begins and the other ends.

The organization has focused for many years on recycling, power plants, pesticides, with some areas in common with NYPIRG, but not with the expertise and creativity of NYPIRG, in such fields as incineration, for instance. It issues a legislative rating, and has a legislative wrap-up on its web site. Like NYPIRG, it also has a canvass program.

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