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31. Environmental Advocates

(Latest update 2001)

(See "Coalition Involvements" below for relationship to EPL (Environmental Planning Lobby), and see EPL entry)

353 Hamilton Street
Albany, NY 12210

(5l8) 462-5526
1 800 SAVE NYS
FAX: (518) 427-0381
Web site:

Key Personnel (1999)

Oakes Ames, President
Lee Wasserman, Vice President (formerly Executive Director of EPL)
Charlie Kruzansky, Secretary/Treasurer

Val Washington, Executive Director (formerly Assistant Attorney General involved in the issue of canoe access to Whitney Estate and Adirondack League Club waterways in the Adirondacks during the Cuomo Administration)
Laura Haight, Assistant Director
Patricia Sterling, Financial Director
Jason Babbie, Air & Energy Project Director
David Higby, Adirondacks, Solid Waste Project Director
Audrey Thier, Pesticides Project Director
Jeff Jones, Communications Director (formerly Empire State Report)

Eric Sye (Formerly EPL's Adirondack Project Director. Is he still affiliated with EPL or Environmental Advocates?)

Finances (1998)

Income: 588,537
Assets: $405,304
Files an IRS 990 form.

Coalition Involvements

According to the IRS 990 form, "EPL regularly retains Environ. Advocates to perform research program development and educational activities."

The form also states that EPL/Environmental Advocates, Inc., a 501(c)(4) organization, have a "historic and continuing relationship." Environmental Advocates's web site states that EPL-Environmental Advocates is their "sister organization."

"New York State Affiliate" of the National Wildlife Federation.

In 1995, called jointly with the New York State Builders Association's Bob Wieboldt, for an Adirondack "solution" of the "watershed issue" modeled after the "consensus" of the Long Island Pine Barrens. (Bob Wieboldt now heads the Long Island Builders Institute.)

Richard Ampere on the board shows a relationship with the preservationist Long Island Pine Barrens Society. LI Pine Barrens preservation is also couched as a "watershed issue."

Judy Enck on the board shows a relationship with NYPIRG.

Organizational Goals

"The primary exempt purpose of the organization is to provide education and assistance to the public on key environmental and energy issues."- IRS 990-98

Board of Directors

Oakes Ames, President
Lee Wasserman, Vice President
Charlie Kruzansky, Secretary/Treasurer
Robert Abrams
Steve Allinger
Richard Amper (executive director Long Island Pine Barrens Society)
Cynthia Bing
Richard Booth
Judy Braiman
Steve Breyman
Kay Bromberg
Helen Chapman
Carolyn Cunningham
Blythe Danner
Michael J. Deering
Paul Elston
Judith Enck, Executive Committee (heads NYPIRG)
Michael Gerrard
Robert C. Glennon (formerly Executive Director of the APA)
Lawrence Gross
Ellen Jewett
Peter Lehner
David R. Lighthall
Suzanne Mattei
Jim Melius, MD
John Mylod, Executive Committee
J. Henry Neale, Jr.
Gail S. Port
Keith S. Porter
Hon. Herbert Posner
Andrew Sabin
Ronald J. Scrudato
David Sive
Ricardo Soto-Lopez
Talbert Spence
Theodore Spencer
James T. B. Tripp, Executive Committee
Charles Warren
Blaikie F. Worth, Executive Committee


(see EPL-Environmental Advocates)


(1) Watershed regulation

In 1996 Environmental Advocates called for a coordinated effort to protect "threats" to Adirondack waters—threats "beyond acid rain," such as non-point source pollution from development (new and old), conversion of seasonal homes to year-round, road deicing, agriculture, and logging.

(2) Often supports same positions as the Adirondack Council

(3) Publicly opposed Whitney subdivision application

(4) Publicly supported Wolf Reintroduction to the Adirondacks

Among several other programs, the 1998 IRS 990 form listed the following program expenses:

Open Space Project (protect open space and encourage state land use planning and protection of water quality): $17,771

Adirondack Park Project (to promote sound environmental and economic planning in the Adirondack Park and Protect the Park's Wilderness Character): $16,054

Lobbying: Environmental Advocates is related to EPL as noted above. Environmental Advocates states on its IRS form that "all activities further the exempt purpose of the institute to provide education and an assistance to the public on key environmental and energy issues, and to provide monitoring of state environmental laws and programs." (emphasis added)

Environmental Advocates is a well-known influence in Albany.

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