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35. Green Mountain Forest Watch
(Latest update 2001)

10 Langdon Street
Montpelier, VT 05602

Key Personnel

Jim Northrup, Executive Director, Bristol, Vt.



Finances (1998)

Income: $97,970
Balance sheet (12/31/98): $19,859

Files IRS form 990

Organization Description and Goals

The most prominent activity of Green Mountain Forest Watch is filing appeals to stop National Forest logging in Vermont.

Board of Directors

James Northrup, Executive Director (Consultant, Ad Hoc Advocates, Salisbury, Vt.)
Patricia Nye, Chair
Elizabeth Laumeister, Treasurer
Andrew Goldberg, Secretary


Green Mountain Forest Watch evolved from the local chapter of the radical group, Preserve Appalachian Wilderness (PAW).

Jim Northrup presents a deceptive public face. He appears to be working with the local citizens and forest industry, but he continually files appeals that have brought National Forest logging in Vermont to a halt. At the roadless plan hearings last December, according to a reliable observer, he fooled a lot of people by saying that he believes in timber harvesting, and that we can work together. All the while he was doing a lawsuit based on the Indiana bat, filed in late 1998 to shut down the forest. His personality is just the opposite of Buck Young, who was a straightforward opponent.

Jim Northrup interviewed me when he was the consultant preparing the 1991 management plan for the Champlain-Adirondack Biosphere Reserve. He contacted me and made a point of being interested in getting input from all sectors to be incorporated into his plan. But his plan did not reflect any points in the interview, and was instead a predictable, rigid, hierarchical UN-style, bureaucratic management design.

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