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6. Lake George Park Commission
(Latest update 2001)

75 Fort George Road
P. O. Box 749
Lake George, NY 12845

(518) 668-9347
Fax 668-5001

web site:

Key Personnel (1999)

Carl R. DeSantis, Sr., Chairman, Bolton
H. Gordon Burleigh, Vice-Chairman, Ticonderoga
Margaret J. Stewart, Secretary/Treasurer, Queensbury

Finances (fiscal yr. ending 1999)

Income to the Lake George Park Trust Fund: $785,800
Expenses: $843,600


This is a government agency, not a membership agency.

Coalition Involvements

New York State DEC
New York State Office of General Services
Adirondack Park Agency
Fund for Lake George, Inc.
Lake George Association
Lake George [Basin] Land Conservancy
Local municipalities front on Lake George

Organizational Description and Goals

The Lake George Park Commission was established in stages by the legislature under the Environmental Conservation Law, with increasing regulatory functions. Appointments are by the Governor.

The Lake George Park Commission's current activities include those that are both regulatory and promotional. The most well-known activity is the boat patrol. All fines are placed into the trust fund for the commission. The commission administers a permit system for those who would like to construct docks and the like on the lake. It also regulates storm water management and has promulgated regulations and further revised its regulations for this purpose. The agency maintains a hotline where people can report on others who they think are polluting the lake.

The commission also continues to study nutrients to Lake George, monitoring selected septic systems to obtain data that it considers useful to plan projects to improve the lake quality and to justify restrictions on development and septic systems. It also has a long-term Eurasian Watermilfoil project to reduce the milfoil infestation in Lake George, with harvesting and bottom mats. The commission also engages in educational activities to promote lake safety and reduce pollution.

Board of Directors (Commission members—1999)

Carl R. DeSantis, Sr., Chairman
H. Gordon Burleigh, Vice Chairman
Margaret M. Stewart, Secretary/Treasurer
Joan A. Robertson
Bruce E. Young
Thomas L. Wood
Thomas K. Conerty
Anthony P. Reale
James B. Neal
NYS DEC Commissioner, Ex-officio (DEC designee has been Wiley W. Lavigne, regional engineer)


For landowners in the vicinity of Lake George, the Lake George Park Commission adds another layer of government bureaucracy. Multiple New York State jurisdictions alone include the LGPC, APA, DEC, and Office of General Services. The LGPC is also accused of favoritism.

The agency is funded in significant part by the method most prone to abuse: It is allowed to keep the fines that the water patrol and other violations generate as well as the permit fees. These sources of revenue should go to the State treasury, and the agency should be entirely funded from the general fund.

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