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37. Land Rights Foundation, Inc.
(Latest update 2001)

P. O. Box 1111
Gloversville, NY 12078

(518) 725-1090

Key Personnel

David B. Howard, Editor
Joanna Waugh, Contributing author, S.T.O. P, Indiana


IRS Status 501(c)(3)

Coalition Involvements

Alliance for America
David Howard is also co-founder of Liberty Matters.
Grassroots individuals from the nationwide property rights movement also contribute articles.

Organizational Goals

Ann Corcoran of Sharpsburg, Maryland, began publishing her Land Rights Letter in 1991 as a national organ to disseminate news about property rights issues. She also founded the Land Rights Foundation, which exists to publish the Land Rights Letter. The concise newsletter, which she wrote with authors such as Erich Veyhl, was one of the most important and helpful developments in the early days of the national property rights movement. When she "retired" to home-school her children, David Howard arranged a consortium to buy the newsletter and moved the publication to Gloversville, N.Y.


The Land Rights Foundation publishes the Land Rights Letter, a bi-monthly newsletter about property rights issues.

Board of Directors

David B. Howard


(1) Land Rights Letter

The Land Rights Letter is the grassroots national newsletter about property rights issues.

(2) The Land Rights Foundation

David Howard used the Land Rights Foundation in 1998 focus critically on the wolf reintroduction issue, holding a seminar in January 1998 for local officials and residents to hear experts the Foundation brought in from other areas to scientifically present information missing from the debate.

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