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40. Maine Freedom Fighters
(Latest update 2002)

P. O. Box 10
Garland, ME 04939

(207) 924-3835
Web site:

Key Personnel

Mary Adams

Organizational Goals

According to Mary Adams, the goal of the Maine Freedom Fighters is to bring about "common sense for the Maine forests."

Official Mission: "The Adams Report exists to inform and inspire the people of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont in their common efforts to preserve the unique heritage of the Northern New England way of life for the 21st century."


Represents private property rights and retention of land in private hands.

"In 1996 and 1997, Mary Adams and her 'common sense' grass roots effort defeated the $8 million campaign backed by environmentalists to expand the regulation of private forest land in Maine," according to The Adams Report web site.

Publications and web page

The Adams Report
Mary Adams' incisive web page - Op Eds published regularly on a variety of topics related to the future of the traditional way of life of rural New England:

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