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42. Multiple Use Association
(Latest update 2001)

332 North Road
Shelburne, NH 0358l

(207) 836-2624
Fax (207) 836-2200

Key Personnel

Y. Leon Favreau, President,



Annual operating budget under $10,000, no paid staff

Coalition Involvements

MUA "aligns itself with Wise Use groups who promote factual information."

Alliance for America
Property Rights Foundation of America
Forest Industry organizations


Organizational Description and Goals

Incorporated in the State of New Hampshire in 1987 as a non profit organization.

Goals: "Promote Healthy Forests—Support Multiple Use—Forestry,
Recreation, Wildlife"

"The Multiple Use Association (MUA) is a member-supported association that promotes open land use policies on public and private land and that puts a special emphasis on keeping our forestlands healthy. We believe private landowners should be allowed to do as they wish on their land as long as the activities are environmentally sound and they do not harm other individuals."

"Most of its work involves educating the public about the proven scientific workings of forests. Correcting bad information being promulgated by groups and individuals claiming to be protectors of the environment is of particular interest to MUA."

Board of Directors

Leon Favreau, Shelburne, N. H., President and co-founder
Barry Kelley, Berlin, N. H.
Paul Lusky, Stow, Me.
Jonathan Wood, West Jefferson, Vt.


Promotes open land use policies on government and private land, forest health, and largely opposes government land acquisition.

"Current major interests include the Northern Forest Lands, government land acquisition, land use regulations and making certain forestlands are open to healthy harvesting."

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