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50. Northeastern Loggers Association, Inc.
(Latest update 2001)

3311 State Route 28
P. O. Box 69
Old Forge, NY 13420

(315) 369-3736

Key Personnel (1999)

William R. Sayre, President
George Mitchell, Executive Director, Publisher
Eric A. Johnson, Editor





Coalition Involvements

American Loggers Council (ALC)
Hardwood Council
Family Business First Coalition
American Pulpwood Association
American Forest & Paper Association
Maine Forest Products Council
New Hampshire Timberland Owners' Association
Hardwood Lumber Manufacturers' Association of Pennsylvania
Vermont Forest Products Association

Organization Goals

The Northeastern Loggers Association is a professional industry group which serves the needs of its members for current knowledge, training, information about equipment, environmental information, politics or other matters of interest. The Association thereby promotes the forest economy in the Northeast.

According to the first edition of this report, "The Northeastern Loggers Association is an organization which covers a 22-state territory, and responds to logging issues on a state-by-state basis, concentrating on forest resources and small business issues. The Association is primarily an education and publication organization. It has a low profile on Adirondacks issues."

Board of Directors—NL Publishing, Inc.

David Potter, President
Alan Scrafford, Vice President/Secretary
George F. Mitchell, Treasurer


The Northern Logger and Timber Processor, monthly
How to Improve Logging Profits, by Benjamin Hoffman, 60-page book

Other publications: sawmiller's guide to troubleshooting, log rules, opportunities in the forest industry, OSHA policy, export directory


George Mitchell stated this year that Northeastern Loggers Association is "not issue oriented, because we serve 21 states." But, he said, the organization "supports all of our states if people contact us on issues."

In one issue during 1999, The Northern Logger covered important political issues of interest to loggers, with articles including "Clinton Administration National Forest Policy Rocks Forest Industry" (on roadless policy), "Atlantic Salmon Endangered Species Listing Likely," "Unions & Environmental Groups Form Alliance," "Northern Maine Logger Protest Group Ponders Environmental Alliance," "Vermont Logging Group Makes First 'Political Award,'" "Indiana Bat Shuts Down New Timber Sales on White Mountain National Forest," and "Forest Legacy Program on Hold in Pennsylvania,"

The Northern Logger and Timber Processor has an excellent "Regional Roundup" of government affairs in the Northeast and Lake States, including reports from neighboring states by the Vermont Forest Products Assn., Maine Forest Products Council, New Hampshire Timberland Owners' Assn., and Hardwood Lumber Manufacturers' Assn. of Pennsylvania.

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