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56. P.O.S.T. (Property Owners Standing Together)
(Latest update 2001)

626 Lake Street
Barton, VT 05822

(802) 525-1253

Key Personnel

Ken Davis, President (802) 472-6221



Coalition Involvements
( The organizations listed were named in their most recent newsletters and as joint sponsors of conferences, but they work with many other groups such as the Property Rights Foundation of America)

American Land Rights Association
Associated Industries of Vermont
Citizens for Constitutional Government (N.Y.)
Vermont Property Owners
Maine Freedom Fighters
Vermont Coalition of Municipalities
Vermont Republican Assembly
Vermont Trappers Association

Organizational Goals

Seeks repeal of laws, especially Act 15, governing timber harvest on private property.

Board of Directors

Ken Davis, President
Kevin Goodridge, Vice President
Rosemary Goodridge, Sec.-Treas.
Bette Trucott
Daniel Maclure
Steve Mitchell
Ernest Wright
John Miller
David Wursthorn
Cindy Shover
James Richardson

Orleans County Chapter Director: Donald Poutre, Jr.
Caledonia County Chapter Director: Harold Clough
Orange County Chapter Director; Dennis Allard
Washington County Chapter Director: Steven Sadlowski



P.O.S.T. approximately monthly newsletter


Ken Davis currently is in court refusing to accept Vermont state regulation of his logging practice, challenging this on a constitutional basis.

Opposes Act 15 (the "Clearcutting Law"), opposes the Wildlands program, opposes the Northern Forest Stewardship Act, opposes Act 60 and seeks property tax reform, opposes the American Heritage Rivers program.

P.O.S.T. Member Ruth Dwyer is running for the officer of Governor of the Sate of Vermont in the year 2000.

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