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55. Preserve Appalachian Wilderness
(Latest update 2001)
Note: This organization appears to be inactive locally, but the following information is entered for background purposes.

Current address:
P. O. Box 13192
Roanoke, VA 24031-3192
(540) 982-0492

Web site:


Key Personnel

"Buck Young," the leader of PAW in Vermont, was actually Matthew Jacobson. He reportedly went to work for Greenpeace in Washington, D.C.
Mike Kellet may have gone to RESTORE the North Woods. He has not been heard from.
Jim Northrup took over the leadership of Green Mountain Forest Watch when Buck Young left.


Buck Young reportedly had about 25 college students he could get to hearings, meetings, protests, etc.



Coalition Involvements

Earth First! — Buck Young reportedly wrote Earth First! journal articles on monkeywrenching when he was back in North Carolina.

Current PAW web site has link to Plowshare Peace & Justice Center.

Organization Description and Goals

PAW was an offshoot of Earth First!

Board of Directors




PAW appears to have evolved locally into Green Mountain Forest Watch. Nothing has been done in the name of PAW for several years locally.

Buck Young calmed down in a few years and did his damage with the typewriter, filing appeals that crippled timber harvesting in the National Forest in Vermont.

It was reported in 1992 that PAW obtained a grant of $15,000 from Ben & Jerry's Foundation. The grant application claimed a "Vermont Trees for Vermont Jobs" coalition would unite the forest products industry and environmental groups. However, no money was ever expended for this purpose nor were any industry groups ever contacted. It was reported that the grant application was originally supported by Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, but Leahy withdrew his support when the Vermont Forest Products Association made him aware of PAW's fraudulent position.

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