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60. RESTORE: The North Woods
(Latest update 2001)

P. O. Box 1099
Concord, MA 01742
(978) 287-0320
FAX: (978) 287-5771
Web site:

Maine office
9 Union Street
Hallowell, ME 04347
(207) 626-5635
FAX (207) 622-9739

Maine Woods Visitor Center
160 Main Street
Bar Harbor, Maine 04609

Key Personnel

Rudy Engholm, President
Michael Kellett, Co-Exec. Dir./Clerk
Davie Carle, Co-Exec. Dir.


"Over l,000 members" (1998)

Finances (1998)

Assets: $210,046
Income: $473,979
(501(c)(3) - Files an IRS 990 form)

Coalition Involvements (very incomplete list)

National Audubon Society
Northern Forest Alliance

Organization Description and Goals

"To improve ecological awareness concerning the restoration and preservation of the North Woods through conferences and publications," -IRS report

"RESTORE: the North Wood

"We are five centuries too late to late to save the primeval North Woods. But we still have a chance to restore them. Once , a great wilderness, stretching from the Atlantic ocean to the Great Plains. Then, a region seriously damaged by industrial development. Today, a land where wild nature is struggling to return. Tomorrow , America's first restored landscape: a place of vast recovered wilderness, of forests where the wolf and caribou roam free, of clear waters alive with salmon and trout, of people once again living in harmony with nature. This is our vision for the North Woods." -Web site

"RESTORE: Leadership

"...RESTORE has a unique mission - to restore, preserve, and defend the native ecosystems of the North Woods, a region that stretches from Maine to Minnesota and Nova Scotia to Manitoba." - Web site

Board of Directors

Rudy Engholm, President
Michael Kellett, Co-Exec. Dir./Clerk
David Carle, Co-Exec. Dir.
Elizabeth Kay, Treasurer
Brock Evans (prominent as National Audubon Society public relations for preservation of Northern Forest Lands for many years)
Charles Fitzgerald
Chris Ballantyne
Chet Atkins
Bud Fackelman
George Wuerthner


Unlike some of the other groups, RESTORE doesn't seem to feel a need to pretend to be promoting local economic development. Among its goals are to "reduce human consumption of natural resources to an ecologically sustainable level," and to "promote a shift to an economy that is in harmony with nature."

Among several projects on the RESTORE web site are:

Maine Woods National Park and Preserve Proposal
Eastern Timber Wolf Restoration

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