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62. The Forestland Group
(Latest update 2001)

P. O. Box 9162
Chapel Hill, NC 27515
(919) 929-2497
(FAX: (919) 929-8265

22 Hilliard Street
2nd Floor
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 491-0663
FAX: (617) 491-2499

Key Personnel

Herbert Hoell, Jr., Chairman
Thomas M. Massengale, Pres. & CEO
Charles H. Collins, V.P. Business Development
Dr. George F. Dutrow, V.P. Forestlands
Dr. F. Christian Zinkhan, V.P. Finance

Also, staff includes:
David Suh, Forestland Analyst
Sherry Wogen, Financial Operations Administrator


See Board of Directors.


(Not available)

Coalition Involvements

(The) Conservation Fund
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
The Nature Conservancy

Organization Description and Goals

"Acquires and manages timberland investment funds for institutions and individuals. The Mangers of The Forestland Group offer 15 to 45 years each of diverse experience that includes forestland investment management, land acquisition and disposition, resource economics, forestland management and research, and conservation planning." -TFG brochure

Board of Directors

Listed below are "Executive Officers" with official information in quotations (1999), and added research:

Herbert Hoell, Jr., Chairman ("Founder of Hoell, Inc., and Hoell International, real estate companies")

Thomas M. Massengale, President & CEO ("Former senior executive with The Nature Conservancy." Was Marsh Coordinator for Ducks Unlimited and Dir. of Wetlands America Trust, Chapel Hill, N.C.)

Charles H. Collins, V.P. for Business Development ("Former V.P. of Winslow Management Co. and former Exec. Dir. National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.")

(Winslow Management, Co., Boston, is "an investment management firm that specializes in managing endowments for non-profits institutions, pension funds, and high net worth individuals in investing in publicly traded environmentally responsible and environmentally proactive companies." NFWD is a "private non-profit organization established in 1984 by the U.S. Congress, which encourages and administers private sector contributions for the benefit of, or in connection with, the programs of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service." -Land Rights Foundation.)

Dr. George F. Dutrow, V.P. for Forestlands ("Former Dean of the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Duke Univ.")

Dr. F. Christian Zinkhan, V.P. for Finance ("Former Assoc. Prof. Forest Finance, School of Forest Resources, Univ. of Georgia, Author of Timberland Investments: A Portfolio Perspective")

Fred White, Sr. Forester ("Former Assist. State Forester for North Carolina and former Assist. Prof., School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, Duke Univ.")

Hunter Jenkins, Dir. of Investment Operations ("Former investment analyst with a leading southern forestry consulting firm, is a registered forester with a graduate business degree")

Mike Hincher, Dir. of Forest Operations-Appalachian Region ("Former manager of 140,000 acres of forestland and sawmill for a major mineral enterprise, is a certified forester with the Soc. of American Foresters")

Donald E. Ball, Associate ("Formerly with Georgia-Pacific Corp., was responsible for appraisals and land acquisitions of over 1.5 million acres from Maine to Florida")

Robert E. Lee, III, Associate ("Formerly Dir. of Land Resources of Union Camp Corporation, directed acquisition and disposition of forestlands throughout the South, a 1.7 million acre land base")


Not applicable


Acquisition of the Champion International Lands

According to the official press release published in 1998, which accurately describes the July 1999 transaction, "New York State and The Conservation Fund worked on the agreement with a private timber management organization, The Forestland Group, LLC (TFG). The Conservation Fund has entered into a contract to purchase all of Champion's lands in New York and will simultaneously sell the land as follows:

"TFG will purchase 110,000 acres of Champion's commercial timber land in the Adirondack Park, and 4,300 acres outside the park. (TFG also will acquire timber rights to 1,000 acres in the Tooley Pond tract that will continue to be owned by a hunt club). (sic) TFG will manage its land for production of high-quality hardwood timber.

"The state will purchase a 'working forest' conservation easement on the 110,000 acres of TFG land in the Adirondack Park, making the land available for hiking, hunting, camping, nature observation, motorized access and other outdoor recreational activities."—Hamilton County News, Dec.20, 1998.

All of the 298 hunting clubs on both the fee simple land sold to New York State and the conservation easement land are to be demolished.

The lands are being managed by LandVest, which see.

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