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63. The Nature Conservancy
(Latest update 2001)

1815 N. Lynn Street
Arlington, VA 22209
(703) 841-5300
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Key Personnel

John Sawhill, President

Membership (1998)


Finances (1998)

Assets: $1,921,611,350
Income: $493,767,070

Coalition Involvements (too numerous to list, including multinational connections with organizations and many countries)

Adirondack Nature Conservancy


The Nature Conservancy has been the key to major government land acquisition projects in the Adirondacks.

The Nature Conservancy is the wealthiest environmental organization in the world. It is misunderstood to be an organization that acquires land for its own nature preserves, but most of its activity and resources are directed to acquiring land for a flip to government. It operates numerous programs on a monopoly, non-competitive basis in conjunction with government.

The most notable program beyond its massive land acquisition projects is tied to these projects. This is the Natural Heritage Program where it has contracts with every individual state of the Union to map protected species on public and private land. In its annual report TNC states that it "Identifies Land for Protection with help from State Natural Heritage Inventory Programs, usually administered by a state agency, where they identify rare natural elements and their locations within a particular state."

Property Rights Foundation of America and Ron Arnold of the Center for Defense of Free Enterprise in Bellevue, Washington, have written numerous publications and books describing the work of TNC, including its aggressive and questionable tactics.

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